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Summary: It started as a deal. He would pay her a thousand dollars and she would play as his girlfriend for one night. For one night only. But things never go as planned……

It started with a Deal….


Chapter 1- First Encounter



My life sucked.

And that was an understatement. My life really REALLY sucked. I was failing history…..my mother was off on her month honeymoon in Tahiti, and I was completely out of cash. Broke. You would think my mother would have left some cash for me (which she did mind you). But it wasn't money for my extent…it was money for the so called 'emergencies' and 'rent'. And not only did NOT having enough cash on me was bad enough….I just had to go and lose my job just a day before. Basically, I was going to be in hell for a whole month or at least until I found a new job.

Now I bet you're wondering where HE comes into my story. It was quite interesting and odd actually. He came on a rainy spring afternoon, soon after last period had ended and I had made my usual walk to the public library. Yes…if you are wondering, I AM somewhat of a nerd. I spent my afternoons at the library, and sometimes even at the Borders sipping coffee, digging my nose into a hard cover book that the saleswoman had pulled out not too long ago. I was your typical….loser? I wasn't anti-social, but I wasn't very social either. I had my friends that I talked with at school at times, but we were never really close like you imagine. I was just….well….me!

I was the girl that walked into the classroom that nobody paid much attention to. I had no real talent and I was quite dull in my own eyes. The only person who had ever called me pretty was my ex boyfriend and a little girl at the park who gave me a flower…. I never thought much of it. I knew though, that I didn't compare much with the girls that attended my high school. They were the kind of girls who tanned the moment eighth period was out, and they were the girls who only ate from the salad bar. They knew everything there was about the latest fashion or the newest songs. I not even remember my combination to my gym locker. And they call me a genius??

Well….back to my story. It was on a rainy Friday afternoon and I was at my usual place, sitting in the back table of the library, going over my wonderful notes about the Palace of Versailles that Mr. Henderson had assigned the class to do. I never really liked history….I was more about science and English. But like I had mentioned, I was failing history horribly….and basically out of money. Desperate if you call it. Anna Bergs and her friends sat around a table not too far away from me, pointing at a few magazines sprawled out against their table, I assumed were pictures of prom dresses. Yes….Anna Bergs was Miss. Popular. And there must had been a reason why her and her 'friends' (which I would rather call them shadows) were hanging around the library on a Friday when they should be out partying or so.

I was reading the last line of my textbook when I heard Anna and her friends squeal my concentration and forcing me to look up at the group. What I saw….was quite typical. A group of girls gawking at a male figure that had just entered the library. I smiled to myself….always wondering if I had actually given a crap about my hair….would I be among them as well? I frowned and shook my head….definitely not. My eyes trailed over to the guy who stood still at the entrance peering over the rest of the people hunched at their tables. I understood at once why Anna Bergs was drooling.

He stood tall….maybe around 6'1 or 6'2. The boy was probably a couple of years older…if not maybe even the same age. He had dirt blonde hair, curling around his ears slightly and from where I sat….dark grey eyes that were narrowed slightly. He reminded me of one of those Chad Michael Murray boys that girls gushed over….except that this guy looked even better. I've seen the way the 'elite' boys at my school wore their clothes….and this boy dressed just the same with the baggy jeans and black collar shirt, his undershirt poking from underneath. A shiny silver earring was in his left ear and he wore a smug look on his face….almost knowing that everyone in the room was looking at him. I snorted silently and turned my head back to my book. A face like that meant only one thing…..arrogant.

From the corner of my eyes I saw him start winding through the wooden tables. I almost lifted my chin slightly to catch another glimpse. I mean….it wasn't like I saw someone so dashing every day at the public library. As he approached Anna's table I couldn't help but notice the girls quickly gather their magazines to make room for him. Awwe…he was looking for a seat! I shrugged and turned back to my book. Anna was probably giving him the fluttering eyelashes right now….and in a few minutes or two…the both of them would probably be out the door hand in hand, named the next cutest couple.

But as I smiled to myself at the mental image….something unexpected happened. The chair at the opposite side of the small table was pulled back, and a body hovered over mine.

"Can I sit here?" A low husky voice asked. My eyes darted up instantly to meet grey orbs that seemingly peered down at me curiously. Did I hear right? One of the most handsome man that walked the Earth chose to sit at my table? I was at lost for words….anyone would be. It wasn't until he asked again that my head snapped back up to meet him. I managed a small smile and nodded….then CASUALLY turned back to look at the text book in front of me. I only needed to finish one damn sentence! The chair was pulled back and the guy took his seat. I fresh scent of cologne filled my nostrils and I squirmed in my seat. Did they really think cologne attracted girls?? I felt uncomfortable…especially when I could felt deadly glares from a certain table not too far away.

"History, eh?" He suddenly spoke again. My eyes averted from the second word of the sentence to meet his again. He was so….what was the word? Hott? He grinned and leaned forward onto the table. "Never really did like that class. Bombed it…." His eyes searched mine again….waiting for answer from the mute girl in front of him. What was I supposed to say to him?

"Not my favorite either…." I choked out, lowering my chin to look at the cover of the text book. "I'm getting a D…" He snorted and then shrugged. Was there a reason why he was trying to make conversation with me? Did I look that lonely?? I swallowed and turned to scribble a few nonsense sentences in my notes hoping that he would leave me alone. Instead, he reached over to snap my newspaper that sat beside my books. He peered down at the circled 'job offerings' that I had quickly ran over during study hall that day and raised a perfect eyebrow.

"Looking for a job?" He asked. I lifted my head again, feeling a bit irritated now. We WERE in a library after all….But no, I couldn't be rude.

"Yeah actually. I'm kind of short of pocket cash…" I answered quickly. In an instant his face turned playful, and a wide smirk became visible.

"Really?" He asked, flashing the perfectly bleach teeth of his.

I raised an eyebrow and reached for the newspaper when he handed it back.

"Yeah…" I trailed off, collecting my books and notebooks. It was time to run. He may be nice….but I wasn't used to speaking with strangers. Especially hott ones who should be sitting with Anna Bergs….not me. He was an odd ball….just watching me pack up with an amused face. Slowly, he bent forward and snatched the black notebook that I was reaching for. His eyes trailed down to the cover where my name was written in neat cursive.

"Katrina Moore…." He said slowly. I narrowed my eyes as he spoke my name. What the hell was wrong with this guy? Was he trying to flirt with me? I bit my tongue and lunged out to grab it. He easily snatched it back and smiled up at me. "Pretty name for a pretty girl."

I blushed. I knew I was probably as red as a tomato in a red cape. He must have noticed too….because his eyes began to twinkle and the same arrogant smirk appeared.

"Give it back," I whispered, narrowing my eyes at him. I had known him less than three minutes…and already I was beginning to dislike him. First impressions were VERY important to me. He opened his mouth to speak again when a new figure slid into the seat next to him. My eyes widened in surprise as I saw Anna Berge sitting in front of me. She smiled seductively at the guy and tossed her dark hair.

"Hi there…" The girl spoke in a low voice, leaning in closer. "I'm Anna, and you are….?" She trailed off. He raised an eye brow and at her and then quickly glanced back to me. I snorted silently and watched the scene in front of me.

"Sean…" the guy replied just as seductively back, flashing Anna another model smile. Anna giggled and then her eyes slowly traveled to me. Damn. Her once darling smile turned threatening as her eyes seemed to narrow slightly at my sight.

"Oh…It's Kat right? You're in my Calculus class aren't you?"

I wanted to disappear. At that moment I knew exactly how Anna felt about me. I was probably the bitch who was in her way from snatching the model next to her. I swallowed and nodded my head quickly. She shrugged and turned her attention back to 'Sean' who watched with another arched eyebrow. Anna smiled like a giddy girl and gently reached out to touch his arm.

"Anyways….my friends and I are wondering if you wanted to sit by us instead," she turned her head and smiled to her 'friends' who waved back like a bunch of idiots. "Kat probably likes to study in peace…" I frowned again. What did SHE know about me? And who gave her the right to call me by my nickname? Sean only glanced from me to Anna. I cleared my throat.

"Actually I was just leaving…" I started. Anna's eyes opened in 'shock'.

"You were? I see…." She turned to look up at Sean. "You don't wanna sit alone do you?" Sean smiled politely and slowly stood up as well.

"Actually, I was going to give Katrina a ride home….." he started, his eyes quickly meeting mine quickly. My only reaction was to let my jaw hit the floor. What the hell….? Anna's eyes widened with real 'shock' this time and she nervously took a step back. What the hell was this person planning? I narrowed my eyes.

"I'm fine."

"It's raining outside…."

"I drove here on my own." It was a white lie. But I couldn't just tell him that…I mean….I didn't even know who he was! Sean's looked down at me in confusion.

"You did?"


"Do you guys even know each other?" Anna finally spoke up glancing from me and Sean. I quickly replied with a 'no' while he said 'yes' at the same time. And now…I was pissed and actually kind of freaked out. Even if he was hott….a normal person wouldn't just come up to a random girl and start offering them rides home…..or did they?

"I have to go." I quickly snatched the notebook from his hands before pushing past them. I was out the door before I knew it…..speed walking towards the sidewalk. That was weirdest beyond weirdest experiences that I had ever encountered. I glanced over my shoulder to take one last look at the library doors, praying that no one was following. He was probably a psycho rapist. Yes….a dangerous rapist on the verge of taking Anna Berge's life.


I took Jared's words to heart when I had spoken to him the day before. 'the innocent ones can always be found at the library' So when I was making a pit stop at the small little puny town of Riverside, the old brick building with the words 'Riverside Public Library' stood out like a pack of cows. When I parked my car at the curb, I slowly headed towards the front swing doors, my pace slow as ever. The place seemed so small…I could hardly imagine any one wanting to spend more than one minute in the stuffy smelly place. It smelled like god damn books! Which I hated.

When I stepped in, I couldn't help but grin. A few heads had turned and I knew right away that I Adrien Price must have looked like a god to them. I lifted my head high to start my search for 'the one'. Bunches of old tables were set up in front of me, each occupied by at least one person. I snorted. People were so god damn over achievers lately. My eyes flickered to the left where I heard a group of girls giggling.

I frowned. I had no idea that 'hott' girls hung out a libraries. What the fuck was up with Riverside? There were about three or four of them, all smiling at me. I acknowledged them with a short nod of the head, taking in their skimpy outfits and thousand pound of makeup before I let my eyes wander to a lone figure far back in the room. My lip curled into a smirk and I began walking.

Her eyes were concentrated in a thick book in front of her. She had auburn hair, tied in a messy bun on top of her head. Compared to the girls that I had just seen, THIS one in particular was no where close to the 'elite', as they used to call it in high school. She wasn't hideous, which was good….because there was a limit that I could only stoop so low. But I couldn't judge her just yet; the girl had not looked up once at all. I licked my lips and stopped over her table, gently pulling on the seat in front of me. She had better be worth it because I had just passed a bunch of gaping babes not too long ago.

"Can I sit here?" I asked, my eyes stopping at the top of her head. I almost smiled when I saw her body go rigid…..meaning that she knew of my presence. She looked up.

I was right. She wasn't hideous. In fact she was actually pretty. Not gorgeous….but pretty, in a natural sort of way. Her hair was slightly the color of copper and her eyes were the shade of violet. Violet? I had never seen something like that before. She had small pink lips, slightly chapped. She was….the perfect candidate. The perfect one smiled lightly and nodded her head. Her smile wasn't so bad….. I opened my mouth to speak again, but her head bowed down suddenly, back to the position that it had been for the past few minutes. I frowned….did I look intimidating?

So….how to start conversation with a girl in a library? My memory quickly replayed my last conversation with Jared:

"They're much quieter…"

"No shit. The quieter….the better…" I spoke harshly, taking a sip from my beer and tossing my cigarette to the ground.

"No…much harder."

"Shut up. I just need someone to bring….."

"You could bring anyone you want AJ; just bring that Samantha girl…"



"Cuz I wanna piss my parents off by bringing the poorest creature on Earth that I can find."

Jared's eyes narrowed slightly and then cast me a weary look.

"Dude you're so fucking harsh."

"That's who I am. So…the question is…. Where can I find a virgin?" I cracked up at my lame joke and took a sip from the bottle. Jared shrugged and climbed off the car.

"If I were you…I would go to the library." I raised an eyebrow.

"A library? The fuck with that…."

"The innocent ones can always be found at the library." He paused and stared at me. "If you do find someone….which I'm betting you aren't. Start off by talking about something that she's doing…."

"History, eh?" I swallowed as her eyes quickly looked up. She was still on the same page too…. "Never really did like that class. Bombed it…." I trailed off, searching her eyes. Was she mute?

"Not my favorite either…." She managed a small innocent smile again. "I'm getting a D." If she was a nerd, wasn't she supposed to be smart? It was so hard to read her thoughts at the moment. Why was she so god damn quiet?? Say something dammit! I frowned and let my eyes wander. What else was I supposed to talk about? Jared had said girls like this don't really go goo-goo eyed over heart capturing smiles. My eyes stopped at a neatly folded newspaper at her side. I smiled at the green and red circles on the front.

Her eyes snapped back up as I snatched the newspaper from in front of her. Her eyes narrowed. "Looking for a job?" I asked, grinning at her wide eyes. I almost caught a look of irritation in her eyes. Was the girl annoyed of me?? My plan was going to backfire! Screw Jared and his ways….

"Yeah actually….I'm kind of short of pocket cash." She nervously tucked a strand of auburn hair behind her ear, making me grin again. Even if she was annoyed…she was nervous too. Nervous meant that she…along with the rest of the world…thought I was amazingly hott. But then her words hit me hard….she was short of cash! Short of money!! Meaning that she was probably desperate for a job! I suddenly couldn't help but smile at the news. She must have noticed too because she peered at me curiously as I sat up straighter. The perfect opportunity. I was SOOO good at choosing candidates. So good!

"Really?" I piped up, losing the coolness in my voice. Oh, screw that! This was great!

"Yeah…" She started, but averted her attention to collecting her notebooks and text. My heart immediately did a flip flop. She was leaving?? No! I was on a role! She can't just leave! I quickly searched around her, thinking of a distraction to keep her from leaving…or at least….

My eyes fell on the last notebook that she was reaching for. Before I could think, my hands swept out and grabbed the damn thing. Her hands froze midway, and her head snapped up to look at me. She must have thought I was crazy. But I was NOT going to let an opportunity like this slide by. The black cursive letters on the purple cover caught my attention right away. I felt my lips curving and I leaned back on the seat comfortably.

"Katrina Moore…." I read out slowly, looking up to watch her face. She kept an intense gaze and stared back at me cautiously. She looked almost looked vicious. "Pretty name for a pretty girl." I grinned the instant I saw her blush ten shades of different reds and pinks. It actually looked quiet entertaining from where I sat. She was the shy type…I knew it right away! I was the god of charms….

"Give it back…" she whispered (or hissed) as she tried to grab the notebook back. Oooh….

I opened my mouth to speak again but suddenly a curly hair figured found herself in the seat next to me. Both I and Katrina's heads turned to face the hott babe in front of me.

"Hi there, "she spoke seductively, fluttering her eyelashes a thousand miles per hour. I stare back….yeah she was hott….but just another girl to bang. I had plenty of those back near my home. "I'm Anna and you are…."

Was it necessary for me to give out my name? Nah….

"Sean…" I said quickly, muttering my brother's name foolishly. She smiled sweetly again and then turned her head slightly to look at the other forgotten girl next to me. If I was dumb, I wouldn't have noticed the tension between the two. But I was smart….so I felt right away. It was something I was used to anyways. Girls fighting. Girls fighting over me.

"Oh….it's Kat right? You're in my Calculus class aren't you?" My eyes slowly turned to look at Katrina. They actually call her 'Kat'? It was such a plain name…Kat…Kat…Kat… I shook my head lightly. I was going to stick with Katrina. She looked more like a Katrina than a Kat. Katrina nodded her head and then sent me a glare. I looked away quickly as the Anna girl lightly touched her long finger nail on my arm. "Anyways….my friends and I are wondering if you wanted to sit by us instead," she cast a look over her shoulder, where I saw a bunch of fairly painted bitchy looking girls sat. They waved at us like moronic idiots. I nodded my head to acknowledge them again. "Kat probably likes to study in peace…"

From the corner of my eyes I saw Katrina frown and glare dangerously at the ditz next to me. I couldn't help but grin to myself. At least she was still here…

"Actually I was just leaving…." Dammit! I wanted to shake the girl until her brain was mush. She was ruining my plans. I almost shoved the Anna girl away. There were plenty of Annas that I could take care of later. But for now, I needed someone like the copper headed stubborn girl in front of me.

Anna's face gave one of those 'trying to act shock' looks and she brought a petite hand to her chest like she had just learned that the pet cat had died. "You were? I see…." She said slowly and then turned to me. "You don't wanna sit alone do you?"

In fact, I didn't want to be graced with her presence either. I was irritated….way irritated and my target was slipping through my fingers like water!

"Actually, I was going to give Katrina a ride home….." I quickly replied, my eyes meeting with Katrina's eyes. Her violet eyes were filled with surprise mixed with annoyance. She wasn't going to get away that quickly and I wasn't going to give up without a fight. She was PERFECT.

"I'm fine."

"It's raining outside…." I retorted just as quickly, hoping that the girl would give up.

"I drove here on my own…." She confidently took a step up, trying to point out the obvious. She was lying. I knew for a fact that the little twit was lying to my face. How dare she….. BUT, she had no idea who the hell I was, and I needed more time to make the perfectly clear.

"You did?"

"Yeah…" I frowned and searched her eyes again….it wasn't like I was some kind of rapist. Did I come off looking like that? I was being the gentleman and offering the quiet lonely loser of a girl home. Could a person be kind for once….even if they did have a hidden agenda…?

"Do you guys even know each other?" Anna btich finally spoke up, almost startling me.

"Yes." I replied quickly while the girl in front of me went the whole opposite. Stupid. We only received an arched eyebrow from Anna.

"I have to go." She suddenly grabbed the purple notebook from my hand before I could react. With one quick stride, her backpack was thrown over her shoulder…and my one and only chance of pissing my parents big time disappeared through the front doors of the Riverside Public Library.

I swore. Quiet loud actually… causing all the people in the library to look at me, and the nasty librarian to send me a glare. Her name was Katrina Moore….. I wrenched my arm away from the Anna bitch and sent her one of my famous smiles.

"Sorry babe, I have places to be…" Before she could answer I dashed towards the front door. I had a feeling I was going to see more of this Katrina Moore person.

After all, she was THE perfect candidate.


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