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Pedophile- An adult who is sexually attracted to a child or children (hehe…gross!)


It Started with a Deal….


Chapter 3- The deal


"I'll do it."

The moment I said those words, I knew I was getting myself into something big. Oh damn….my mouth had just screwed me over! But when he had plucked the wallet out of my hands and turned away…my dreams of a satisfying meal and a 'full' glass of milk began to fade in front of me. A girl could only suffer so much! So I said it. I agreed to it….I agreed to be his one-night…girlfriend….which was NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN! I mean…. God, I had spent all night screaming and physically yelling at myself to forget him…forget the scary bastard and gleaming thousand dollars that he had whipped up in front of me. But no…NO, I just couldn't! And what made it worst was that he just HAD to drop his wallet in front of my apartment. Why was my luck so incredibly….bad?

Was I a pushover? I bit my lip and watched as his back tensed up. Good god….brace yourself Kat!

He spun around so fast that I felt the gust of wind hit my face. His eyes were wide (obviously just as surprised as I was at my own actions) and his mouth was pursed tightly together.

"What?" He asked in disbelief. The boy was actually making me repeat myself! I barely had the strength to do it the first time. What in the hell made him think I wanted to say it again…especially to his drop dead gorgeous face may I add. I bit my lip nervously and lifted my head to meet his eyes again.

"I said…" I mumbled quietly, "I said I'll do it." A minute later found us in the same exact position, and Adrien still gaping at me like an idiot. Maybe he was having trouble digesting the information or……

…..or MAYBE he already found a new girl. And what I meant by 'new girl' was he had probably found some other gorgeous babe to play in his little charade. And this time he had probably gotten the better end of the deal…. I brought a hand to my forehead. Oh god! If he had found someone else, I probably looked like an idiot at the moment!

Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit! Stupid, stupid, stupid! Kat, you moron!

I nervously bit my lip and stole another glance at the boy's grey eyes. He wasn't saying anything….he was just staring back, his mouth hanging open like a goldfish. Why didn't the boy just speak up and tell me that he had already found someone else instead of standing like a freak watching me make a fool out of myself?! I cleared my throat again and licked my lips.

"….that is....if you still want me to do it," I squeaked giving him a somewhat hopeful glance, if not pleading (so much for pride). Finally, after what felt like god damn two hours, he closed his mouth with a small 'pop' and raised an eye brow in confusion.

"I thought you hated me."

"…I barely know you." He snorted quietly and took a step closer.

"Why the sudden change of heart?" Change of heart? I think not….it was more like change of MIND…and the fact that I didn't want to live off of ramen for another night. I gave him a stiff smile.

"I don't know." Great answer, eh? At least I wasn't at a job interview. Or wait….

"Weren't you the one that said it was 'down right dirty' for me to offer you this deal?" I cringed at his words…but then frowned. It WAS downright dirty. Just because I was contemplating whether or not to do it, didn't mean that I approved of it. Yeah I was losing my ego…my pride, but I was NOT losing my sanity.

"It is dirty," I dryly replied. "I never said I liked it." He grinned at my scowl.

"Well 'it' is a thousand dollars in cash. Like it or not, I can tell you're in need of it…desperately. You shouldn't have made it such a big deal to begin with." I hated how he was right. I hated how he knew that he was right. I hated how he was rubbing it in to make it worst. I ran my tongue against my teeth and stared at my black sandals. So what was I supposed to say now? He hadn't even made it clear whether or not he was agreeing to use me. "But I supposed its natural, coming from a girl like you."

My head snapped up so fast that I almost went dizzy. Why that conniving little….

"And just what the hell does that mean?" I snapped angrily back, forgetting the shy girl act and taking a step forward. His eyes widened at my sudden change of personality and took a small step back. And then I saw it. I saw the smirk that was fighting to appear on his lips. He was laughing at me (or going to at least). Of course… I scoffed at his sight. Who could ever imagine little ol' Katrina Moore defending herself in front of a damn elite. Hell, not even I had that kind of confidence in myself. I shrunk back a little, lowering my eyes to the ground.

This was a complete joke!

"It means….that this is why I don't usually allow myself to associate with your kind." He gave me a rather bullshitted smirk and crossed his arms over his perfect toned chest. KIND?? So I had my very own category? I didn't know whether I should have been mad or proud. But betting on his tone…it was not meant to be a good thing. I nodded my head slowly….suddenly realizing that I was dealing with an arrogant conceited jerk! I should have seen it coming miles away! I snorted and smirked up at him (something I didn't do too much around jocks).

"…this coming from the creepy pedophile- like guy…who chased me all the way from the library to my own home."

That did it. I grinned triumphantly when I saw the blood vessel practically pop in his forehead. His face turned a good shade of purple before he angrily pointed a finger at me accusingly.

"I am NOT a pedophile!"

Score for Kat! I shrugged nonchalantly. "I supposed it's only natural to deny it…." I raised an amused eyebrow at him, "I mean…. hearing it from a girl like me."

"Why don't you just shut the hell up, bitch?"

My confidence drained and was instantly replaced with fear. His cold eyes narrowed at me angrily and I held my breath back. This was insane. Why was I arguing with him when minutes before I was trying to work with him? I shook my head and took a step back.

"This is stupid…" I muttered, and met his gaze again. "What was I thinking?" Obviously I had experienced a stint of insanity, much to my obliged. I spun around on my heels towards the apartment gates but was pulled back when a hand attached itself to my arm. I stiffened at his touch and whipped around to face him once again. "What do you want?" Wow…this was twice that I had snapped back at anyone….a handsome god in particular.

The 'scary dude' look had disappeared, and Adrien Price was desperately holding onto my arm.

"Wait," he called out. I frowned and pulled my arm away. And what exactly did he want now? He sighed and ran a hand through his perfect hair. "Look….lets just forget everything that happened in the last two minutes and put aside our differences." Wow…like that was going to work. I snorted quietly.

"…you criticized me…."

"Yeah, and you called me a pedophile. We're even," he deadpanned, but I could have sworn I saw fire flicker in his eyes when he spoke the word pedophile. I raised an eyebrow and then nodded my head, allowing him to continue. He sighed quietly and ran his hand through his god forsaken hair once more. I wouldn't be surprised if he went bald at the age of twenty. "You said you would do it right?"

His grey eyes met with mine once more. I had said I would do it. But that was way before he decided to turn into the big obnoxious jerk that he was.

"I was considering it," I replied dully. I saw regret flicker in Adrien's eyes and he instantly let his shoulders sag.

"Past tense noted…"

"But I don't like you very much now." I was being pretty straight forward. But who wouldn't be?! I mean….I was Katrina fucking Moore! I was the girl who didn't give a crap if a girl like Anna Berge decided to call me a 'loser'. I just kept my end of the deal by staying quiet and unnoticed to the rest of society. But for some odd reason, Adrien Price's little comment made me snap! I could not handle the pressure!

"Why not?" His eyes widened and he leaned forward. Was he seriously asking me that question? Adrien read my facial expression and nodded his head. He then sighed and glanced down the street. "Well…you were kind of asking for it…" he muttered quietly. My jaw dropped. This guy was bogus! His head snapped up at his words and he quickly shook his head. "I mean…I was being nice to you yesterday, but you totally bit my head off by calling me a pedophile—"

"Only because what you did IS in fact a little strange!" He groaned in frustration.

"Look I'm sorry!" He lowered his head slightly. I was fuming and unbelievably annoyed with him. I barely knew this guy. I was standing here having an argument and whatnot with a complete stranger! He sighed again, "Can we just….work around this?" Work? What exactly was he implying?


Adrien then lifted his chin to face me again. "What were you implying when you said that you would do it?" He knew exactly what I was implying when I had said it. I rubbed my eyes and stared back at the ground. Was I even interested anymore? "Because if you're up to it, I can still use you." God, the way he said it sounded so dirty. He could just call me a 'whore' and make it easier. I pondered his question and glanced back up at him.

"….and it's still a thousand dollars?" I asked quietly. He nodded eagerly, sensing my desperate tone in my voice. I swallowed.

A thousand freaking dollars. God, I was crazy.

"Fine." I muttered it quietly but loud enough for the boy to hear me. I could practically see him sneering as he let his arms drop to his side in satisfactory.

"Good." I raised my head and watched him grinning back. I then straightened up and tucked a loose strand of hair behind my ear.

"What are the terms?" There was no way I was letting myself get screwed over. Not with all the trouble I had to go through to even get this far. Adrien glanced up at me, utterly confused.


His vocabulary probably didn't extend too far anyways. "What is the exact deal?" I asked again, searching his face.

"Oh…." He trailed off and reached for his pocket. "You go on one date with me and I pay you your money at the end." I frowned as he pulled out his wallet. "If you want, I can give you half of it now." I suddenly shook my head and took a step back from him. He lifted his head and raised an eyebrow in confusion. "What is it?"

"I don't understand…"

"What's there not to understand? It's simple…you pretend to be my girlfriend at this party…and then I'll pay you a thousand when I drop you home at the end of the night." Party? My head snapped up at the words. Party?? I had totally forgotten!

"First of all…." I started. "Why do you need me to play your girlfriend?" He frowned at my question and took a step back. "I mean…there has to be a reason, right? What are you trying to prove at this party?" Adrien stared at me coldly as I spoke and then narrowed his eyes when I finished. He then sighed and shrugged.

"It's not any of your business. You just do your job." I flinched. Did he know that he was not dealing with a blonde ditz who would give up her body for just a tootsie roll?

"I think I have every right to know. I mean….I am agreeing to be your girlfriend for the night." His eyes narrowed and he shook his head.

"You know you talk a lot for a girl who doesn't look like it. I hope tomorrow you'll stay quiet and keep your mouth shut."

I swallowed and looked away. I really didn't talk much….I probably wouldn't speak at all at the 'date' thingy, but he didn't have to tell me so. It really hurt. I nervously tucked another piece of hair behind my ear and shifted my weight to my left foot. So….what to say now?

"Look, I'm sorry Katrina. But, can you just…stop asking questions? I'm not asking you to do an exotic dance for me or anything of that sort. Just….be….yourself," he suddenly spoke…snapping me out of my soon-to-be depressed range. "It's a simple deal. Just don't ask any questions about it. I pick you up tomorrow night, take you to the party, and when it's over I give you the money. After that you'll never see me again and we'll go our own ways. Is that a deal?"

He lifted his handsome face to look into my eyes and I could have melted. But who would ever melt after facing a boy with a mentality of a four year old. Pretty boy will never get a reaction out of me. Not after he had criticized me and made me feel lower than dirt more than once. I was only doing it for myself. I needed the god damn money….and once I got it, I would never have to see him again.

It sounded easy, hopefully it was easy. The plan: shut up for the whole night and follow him around like a lovesick puppy? I guess that even I, Kat Moore, would have to learn to deal with it. It couldn't be THAT hard, and even though I had never gone to high school parties…maybe this one wasn't going to be so bad. I stared back up at him and mentally groaned. Why did he have to look so good anyways?

"Well?" His cold eyes searched mine once more. "Do we have a deal?"

Did we have a deal? Could I really handle it…even if it was just for one night?

"It's a deal."


The phone rang and I stared at it hard. Adrien had left hours ago with his last comment: "Oh yeah….wear something formal."

Formal???? I was expecting to wear jeans and a hoodie for tomorrow. But formal? Where exactly was he taking me? What would I wear that was formal….or elegant….or anything that would look good? I shook my head and grinded my fingernails against the coffee table. The phone rang again and I jumped. I slowly lifted the receiver out of the cradle and brought it to my ear.

"Hello?" I answered in a monotone voice (or maybe it was my regular voice). There was cackling and laughter from the other end.

"Katty? It's me, Mike." My heart leaped for joy at his voice and I pushed the receiver closer against my ears. Michael Zubert…my stepbrother. I smiled. He was probably the only person I spoke to with enthusiasm. Everyone else was pure monotone.

"Hey Michael…" I drawled out, twirling the cord around my middle finger. "What's up?" The cackling grew louder and I struggled to hear him, cursing at my cheap phone. It had been a while since I had spoken to the boy. Couldn't God just make it a tad bit easier for me?

"Yeah…dad called me from Tahiti and said they were having trouble contacting you. So he had me call and check up on you. You doing okay?" Typical Michael. He was such a gentleman. Every time I was around him, I felt like a slob. A big fat messy slob…that is. Ever since Darrel (my new step dad) and my mom got married, Michael had been taking his job as 'big brother' pretty well. He was eighteen, a year older than me and a freshman in college. Probably the smartest kid that I had ever known.

"I guess it's good…." I started and then cringed. Like hell….it was no where close to good. Three hours ago I just made a deal with some random stranger that could possibly ruin my life. I brought a hand to my face and softly patted my cheek. "How's dorm life?" I quickly changed the topic and glanced at the mirror in front of me.

Maybe the bride's maid dress I wore to my mom's wedding would work for tomorrow? I quickly shook my head. Hell no. Unless I wanted to look like a tangerine… I had better stayed far away from it.

"I guess it's good. Katty…" He started, but was interrupted by a few giggles. I frowned and pressed the phone closer against my face. "I can't talk too long though…"

Oh. I sighed. The only boy that I was probably ever willing to talk to on the phone did not have time to talk to me. Especially when my life was in crisis and I was making deals with strangers. Good looking god-like strangers. I licked my lips. Nothing was ever going right in my life.

"Ok then…" I solemnly replied.


"MIKE! GET OFF THE PHONE AND HELP ME TAKE OFF MY SHIRT!" My eyes widened at the sudden female voice that had interrupted our somewhat pleasant conversation and pulled the receiver instantly away from my ear. Holy shit! I blushed a hundred colors and quickly slammed it back down to its cradle. That was definitely not necessary or expected. Eww Eww EWWW!! I shuddered. Why the hell would Michael call me….especially in the middle of…..whatever he was doing! I mean….ugh. It was so vulgar. I always thought I was somewhat mature….but every time I thought about the s-word, I just get all weird.

Okay…so sue me for being immature. It was a touchy subject (literally). This day was NOT going well at all. I bit my lip and fell back on the coach. Damn my life….damn Adrien Price….and damn Michael Zubert.

The phone rang. Again. And I continued to stare down at it. Finally after what felt like forever of ringing, I reached down and clasped the phone in my hand.

"Katty?" Michael's worried voice interrupted before I could answer with a proper 'hello'.

"Uh…right here," I answered weakly. Oh god, why did he have to call back.

"What happened?"

"Nothing. I assumed you wanted me to hang up…" I started, trying to cover up my wrecked and squeaky voice.

"Without a goodbye?" I groaned and then let out a weak smile. Once again, typical Michael Zubert to play the gentleman. "Hey, Katrina Moore….why the hell do you keep zoning out on me?" I bit my lip. He was too nice….and the thought that some half naked girl was probably sitting next to him while he was talking to me made me sick. Eww. My stomach churned and I made a face. God, didn't anyone have respect anymore?

"Bye then…" I answered quietly. There was silence….followed by more silence.

"Take care. If you need anything, I'm a phone call away. Dad said that if you need any cash, he can send it to you……"

"I'm okay. Don't worry about me. Just concentrate on studying." I heard him chuckle on the other hand.

"Yes mam!" I could basically see him do a salute. "Bye Katty." I smiled.

"Bye Michael."

I hung up and stared back at the phone. If only I could be that natural with other guys. I lifted my head and stared back at the mirror. The question was: How would tomorrow night be? Oh yeah….and what was I going to wear?

Adrien Price.

My boyfriend for one night. Gosh…did I even know how to act like a girlfriend? Was I supposed to….fawn over him or something like that? Was there…. (Gasp) touching involved? I shuddered….Adrien had looked like someone straight from GQ or Teen Magazine! With looks like that, he probably had girls at his feet 24/7, yet he was going to have to deal with me? ME! AS IN THE GIRL WHO HAD NO CLUE WHAT SHE WAS DOING!!

He probably thought I knew at least one or two things about….romantic thingies…but I had never been kissed before! If he expected me to…..play all lovey dovie with him than he's crazy! I stood up and began to pace my room. Oh my god! What had I gotten myself into?


You know…..I seriously think that I DID lose my sanity. I mean….long enough to actually reconsider using Katrina Moore as my object of affection for tomorrow night's charade. But I did agree to it, and SHE was now going to be playing my lover. I snickered….oh what joy! But I had to admit, I was shocked shitless when she agreed to it the first time. I think I just stood there for a mere twenty minutes…gaping at her like a goldfish.

I mean….there I was, standing like a complete idiot…with no hope whatsoever, ready to face reality at tomorrow night's dinner party, when the girl who I had least expected to agree….AGREED. And what made it funny was the way she looked when she agreed. The look on her face told me right away that she did not like what she was doing. She was still contemplating whether or not to actually go through with it. And I was fine.....actually happy that she was going to do that favor for me (besides the one thousand dollars that was invovled) but it really made me feel good.

That is….until she called me a pedophile. Dammit, what was it with Katrina Moore and that WORD. It pissed me off! Not only was she crazy for even considering calling me that, but she used it more than once! If I wasn't the wonderful (and good looking) gentleman that I was, I would have ripped her into shreds. It nerves me that a loser like her could get a reaction out of me.

And yes…I was still mad about our first encounter. She had basically shoved a stick up my ass a few times and tried to inflate my pride (note the word 'tried'). She seriously had no idea who she was dealing with and she would find out tomorrow night. And then who would be laughing in the end? I WOULD. In fact, I wouldn't be laughing…I would be cackling in her god forsaken face and copper colored hair. The girl was definitely loony. Who the hell could possibly be as paranoid as her? To think that she actually thought I would take advantage over her….over anyone for the matter. It peeves me that a plain dull looking girl like that could piss me off.

There were plenty of girls that could get my attention….I didn't need stupid girls like her to do it. I just had to deal with her for one night. That was it! And after that I would never have to see her annoying little skinny face again. I smirked. That's right.

"It's a deal." She spoke slowly, meeting my eyes. I fought to hide the smirk and then reached out to offer my hand. She only stared at it like a piece of rotting flesh (which nerved me even more!). Just shake it and begone! It was completely annoying….I could barely take it. She shouldn't be treating me like this….not at all. Finally, after the girl figured that I was offering her a handshake and not a time bomb, she took it slowly, the palm of her hand touching mine softly. The first thing that came to my mind was: Damn, this girl needs to eat more. I could practically crush her tiny fingers with one percent of my manly handshake. So I let my hand stay limp in her small grip.

Weird how I felt a jolt run through my body at her touch. I shrugged the thought away quickly and resumed to meet her eyes again. The girl was having trouble making complete eye contact with me. But she was doing one thing that I hadn't expected her to be doing. She wasn't blushing. AND that…dear people….was not normal. EVERY freaking girl, ugly or not…blushed at the sight of me. I mean…c'mon, it was me, AJ Price! Everyone girl needed me. She seemed more likable at the library….

Not that I wanted to brag or anything….but ever since I hit puberty (years ago), I've been known as the 'hottest guy alive!' No effing way was I going to lose that title, all because little Miss. I'm-anorexic-and-I'm-not-afraid-to-show-it didn't blush. It wasn't my fault that I was born to pleasure (women of course).

"Um….you can let go of my hand now." I blinked and lifted my eyes from our interlocked hands.

"What?!" I asked, a little too loudly. Why did I suddenly sound like the nervous git of the situation? She narrowed her eyes slightly.

"My hand…" she started, her eyes glancing down. My eyes followed her.

"What about it?" She lifted her chin and sighed.

"Let go please." Oh. My bad. I let go quickly, and she pulled away…holding her precious hand like she had touched fire. So basically….we were off to a rough start. Not my problem. I wasn't the one who was getting a thousand dollar reward for fawning over a resistible guy. From what I heard, a thousand dollar was considered a lot for someone like her. And I was giving it away like tossing a freaking penny into a park fountain.

"So…." I started awkwardly. She lowered her eyes back to the ground, and her once all-mighty personality evaporated. She was back to that girl I met at Riverside Public Library. GOOD. She'll stay quiet now and hopefully I could give her a small synopsis of our so called date. "I'm guessing you might want a few heads up about tomorrow night." She lifted her head again, casting me a wary look. God, how could an angelic face be so viscous at times? I squinted and shook my eyes. I guess it was something about nerds I never really took thought of.

"That would be…good," she quietly mumbled. I frowned….she was being WAY too cooperative. Maybe it was that time of the month for her. One minute she's screaming at me manically, and the next she's so shy I could practically call her Casper (the friendly ghost).

"I'll pick you up at five….if that's good with you, but it can't be any later then seven." She nodded her head slowly.

"That's fine." Good, at least I didn't have to freaking change everything to fit her highness's ways.

"We might not be back until morning…." Her eyes narrowed at me suspiciously, "…only because the party lasts pretty long," I quickly added, ignoring her beady slits and cold aura.

"…where exactly are we going?" she finally spoke, cocking her head slightly. Her violet eyes flashed and I almost couldn't help but stare a bit. I mean….how many people out there had purple eyes? I gave her the most charming smirk I could ever give out.

"It's a secret," I nonchalantly replied, shrugging my shoulders. Unfortunately for me, SHE did not take my answer too well.

"You know…I think I SHOULD know where a complete stranger is taking me. At least give me a chance if you actually do turn out to be some psychopath." I glared at her. Stupid paranoid bitch….

"I'm taking you somewhere nice," I hissed through my clenched teeth. "That's all I'm going to say."


"YOU wouldn't know," I replied coldly back. And the truth was, she wouldn't know. So there was no point in wasting his breath to give her damn directions.

"Maybe I do."

"Well, don't bet on it." She narrowed her eyes again, obviously not happy at all. I wasn't too happy either. She was supposed to be nice and quiet and shy and everything that Jared had described to me. I mean…I found her in a god damn library, did I not?!!

"They're much quieter." Jared's words were still ringing in my ears. She was quieter, I had to give her that, but when she did speak….it wasn't anything that I enjoyed hearing. How could a girl like her personally piss me off?

It was that one god damn word: Pedophile.

"Is that it then?" she asked, snapping me back to reality. I had been so lost in my own thoughts; I didn't notice that my knuckles were white from the tight fist I had made.

"Can you at least let me know what kind of people I'll be dealing with?" she asked. I raised an eyebrow out of confusion. What the hell did that mean?

"Care to explain?"

"I mean…." She looked at the ground, the building, the fence….the grass. Everything else but me. "At least let me know what kind of people will be at the party."

"Why?" I coughed, avoiding her gaze.

"Well…you obviously need to have a girlfriend for a reason. And since you won't tell me why…you can at least let me know what the people are going to be like." I stared at her dumbstruck. She was thinking way out of the box. Couldn't she just digest the damn information and take it as it was? "So…?" she leaned in closer. I should have taken the Samantha girl that Jared suggested. At least she wouldn't be dancing around the subject. I sighed and scratched the back of my head.

"Fakes," I mumbled quietly.

"What?" She stared at me as if I had grown another head. I simply shrugged and took a step back. It was more than the truth.

"Fakes." I repeated again, only to have the girl in front of me continue to gawk.

"What do you mean fakes?"

"You asked what kind of people will be there. I said fakes." And that was all I was going to give her. It was true though…she would be dealing with fakes…a whole lot of them. Especially three certain fakes….

"Like….fake what?"

"You're a smart girl, think." I was sick of having to spell out everything. She sighed and brought a hand to her forehead. At least I wasn't the only one losing my patience. I smirked and leaned back. "Be ready by five," I added, before turning and heading back to my car.

I stopped midway and turned slightly to take one last look at her. My eyes swept across her body. The Mickey Mouse shirt clung to her body (indicating that she was still skinny as hell) and her hair was falling out of her bun. I smirked when I saw her staring back at me with a bewildered expression. This was going to be fun….

"Oh yeah…" I started, making it obvious that my eyes had basically roamed her body. I bit my tongue when I saw her go red.

"…wear something formal." Her eyes drop in confusion and I offered a small wave before turning back towards my car. Yup….tomorrow night was going to be hell for me and of course I was completely dreading it. I slid into my seat and glanced back out of the dimmed window seeing Katrina was still standing there gaping back at me like an idiot. Cute and innocent…and pathetic. It was going to be hell for her too….

But it wasn't like I gave a shit. I was paying her to deal with it.

And without a fleeting glance….I drove away from the girl who meant nothing to me.


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