I can see that something's closing in
And I'm not afraid and I don't like to complain
But something's closing in on you
And I cannot scream out
That will make you turn around
This is not a game
This is not a game
Something's closing in on you.

I would turn around myself
Because something's closing in on me
But I just love the suspense
I can't scream out to you
You're too trusting
But something's really coming now
I don't think we've much time
This is not a joke
This is not a joke
Something's closing in on you

You should listen to me, or you're going to get hurt
Listen to me, or I'll have to take some action
I can move when I want to, I can get you out of here
It is closing in my lover, it is closing in my dear

And I'll always remember
That you wouldn't turn around
I will always remember
That you didn't see it coming.