And I turn to you and tell you something more
You say I'm mad
I confess to you what I have done before
You look so sad
And unless you really think of me at night
Don't say it's true
I don't know what is wrong and what is right
Except for you

I can make you see a million different lies
Believe them all
There is something almost mystic in the skies
And still we crawl
I can't live until I feel like I am dead
And nor can you
I regret almost everything I have said
Because it's true

I feel at home in silence
But it's so awkward here
And I can't see my sentence
I am sentenced to the fear
What is wrong with everything that makes it so cruel?

I can see you suffer, I can play the fool

And I embrace you as I tell you it's alright
You say I'm wrong
The weakness is exposed beneath the light
It takes too long
I'm traumatised and sickened by the way you dance
When you're possessed

And you make me look at you as if I'm in a trance
It's more or less
A case
Of being understood
More or less
A case
Of understatement.