(affections of the demon god)
(by shion)
(warnings: homosexuality, freaks, religion, discrimination, hope, multi-dimensioned universe, humanity, gods, demons, hate, love and insanity)
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(chapter one: anything you want)

"Mr. Makarios." The woman snapped to her student, who blinked and looked up at her, not realizing she had walked right up to his desk. She had glossy, smiling lips and green eyes with no pupils, and wore a red button-down shirt and black knee-high skirt. Her long black hair draped down her shoulders as she held a book titled "Mythology". Giggles came from the class as the pinned student was caught day dreaming. "Since you're paying such keen attention to class today, please inform us whom Seth is." The teacher's smile stayed plastered elegantly on her face.

"A god." The student said bluntly. He had two different eyes, the left violet and the right green. His hair was choppy and short and a reddish brown colour. More laughter came from the classroom.

"Indeed. Such a sharp observation, I'm sure your essay on him will be one of the best. Homework due Friday, I expect every essay to the best of your ability and on my desk at the start of class. Dismissed." She walked back to her desk as the bell rang, the students filing out as she sat down in her swivel chair. She looked up to see the day dreaming student still in his seat. "Mr. Makarios, have you chosen to ignore the bell as well?" She questioned as he shoved his things in his black backpack. He wore blue jeans and a green t-shirt, the warm day not requiring a coat.

"No, I was finishing my thought. The one you interrupted." He snapped back, throwing the bag over his shoulder and heading to the door.

"Well then, your paper on Seth really should be the best." She smiled, getting him to look over his shoulder at her.

"It'll be the best thing you've ever read Miss Antique." He smirked, then walked from the classroom, going on auto-drive for the walk home as he began to write the paper in his head, images and all.

His name was Jonah Makarios, he was the son of a rich man and his high school bimbo, but now lived with his father and his father's trophy wife, meaning he boasted the hottest mom in school. He was a day dreamer, and had no real friends. So, it was no surprise when he walked straight into an invisible hole, and disappeared off the face of the earth.

On the other side of the hole he blinked, his backpack gone and all around him blackness. Pure, blackness. He couldn't even see his nose, much less his hands or feet as he fumbled, falling to his knees as loud outrageous laughter seemed to surround him. A large bone rolled over to him and he was quick to avoid it. He tried to find the source, but with the shaking of the ground, the source found him. His night vision finally developed and he could see large feet. He looked up to see a round belly and quickly got to his feet. The behemoth of a man before him was at least a foot taller him, and five times rounder.

"Mortal, welcome to the world of the Demon Gods." The large man laughed, his jelly tummy shaking. He wore only a loincloth, not a sight for sore eyes to say the least. He was bald and had flaring orange eyes.

"And who... are you?" Jonah asked, unable to see anything but the man before him and black.

"I am Herius of Glutton and Lots. Have a wish I could grant boy?" The man asked. The teen blinked, trying to think of something he might want.

"Uhm... well, my dad always enters the lottery and loses." Jonah remembered, and the large man seemed to go into concentration, an almost frightening sight. He had some sort of clear sauce messing his face and held a large wooden club.

"The next lot he enters, he'll win. Now get back on the floor, I think one week is antiquate." The man laughed. Jonah suddenly looked completely disgusted and didn't move. Suddenly a large hand hit his shoulder, the orange eyes glaring at him. "You think I do charity work mortal? Get down there." The man ordered, raising his club as Jonah suddenly ducked down from the large hand began to run, praying there was an escape to this black world. He suddenly hit something, realizing it was a door and using most his strength to push the door open, sliding out and beginning to run again, glancing over his shoulder. Behind him were hundreds of castles, all outlined by a strange white cloud, and all black. One was larger than the others, some were more steep and some were thinner, each personalized it would seem. The castle he had come from with the roaring large man coming from it was the shortest but the most wide. Jonah kept running, suddenly glad he was light on his feet.

A pale hand grabbed the sleeve of his green t-shirt and Jonah was pulled under a tall man's cloak, feeling very small as he was pressed against the man's chest, able to his the other's slow heartbeat. The ground shook as Herius of Glutton and Lots came to a panting halt, looking around and laying his narrow eyes on the tall man, suddenly struck by fear. His club shook in his hand as he gulped, a stony violet stare looking down on him.

"S-Seth! Have you seen a mortal boy?" Herius asked, lowering his weapon.

"No." The tall man said coldly, his pale face cold to the other. Herius was quick to nod and hurry as fast as his meaty legs would take him back to the castle he had stormed from. "Mortal, you can now come out." The tall man's rich voice spoke. Jonah did as he was instructed, finally seeing his rescuer. Long straight black hair draped down to the black floor, his violet eyes calming as they looked down on the mortal. His skin was pale, almost white. He wore a black cloak over his black tank top and pants, and had about seventeen earrings divided among his two ears. Jonah looked him up and down, mouth slightly ajar.

"Uhm... thanks for saving me." Jonah said bluntly, looking up and suddenly being ushered to the largest of all the castles. He was suddenly stricken by fear, wondering if his savior really only wanted him for himself.

"I won't be hurting you currently mortal. I think it best we don't stand around where he might see us though." The rich voice explained, calming Jonah as two caped creatures opened the double doors. They each had one eye, two shredded up bat wings and a scythe in skinny black arms. "Demise, Decease, leave we two in peace." The tall man ordered.

"Yes master." One chanted.

"Yes master." The second mimicked. They closed the double doors, staying on the outside. This made Jonah nervous once more, and he stared as the tall man rose his hand, a black throne rising from the likewise floor. He sat proudly, one leg folded over the other, eyes languid and cheek resting on his right fist, his elbow propped on the armrest.

"So... who are you?" Jonah asked his savior, who smirked and raised his head, laying both arms on both rests.

"First allow me the honor of knowing why you refused to pay for your wish. Surely he forgot to mention the price, he always does. However, it seems odd he would take you to his castle if you were not so starving for what you wanted that a week in his presence would not be so bad." The man paused. "Most of them die."

"I didn't really want anything! He asked, so I guessed he was giving the wish away." Jonah explained. Languid eyes slowly blinked.

"Hm, so you are not brought here by your lust for something?" He questioned.

"No, I don't want anything. I was just walking home from school and wound up here somehow." Jonah still looked nervous as he continued to explain himself.

"I see. Ah, and you asked whom I was, correct? My name is Seth, or as they call me here, Seth of Dimensions and Wishes. I am also in some human mythology... Egyptian or something. I assure you that I am nothing like the mythology portrays me though." Seth waved a hand, continuing to look bored and apathetic.

"Hey, cool, I'm supposed to write a paper on you." Jonah looked the taller over once more, not noticing as he also got the scan.

"Your eyes. The left one is not naturally yours, correct?" Seth's own violet eyes fell on the lone one Jonah had.

"Oh, yeah. I got a cancer in my left eye a few years ago. Since my dad's pretty wealthy we could afford surgery to have it completely replaced." Jonah was quick to reply, his nervous state of mind dawning a certain question upon him. "Uhm... Seth, or Mister Seth--"

Seth began to laugh, seeming to have been holding in his laughter for awhile as he held his stomach, unable to control himself. Jonah blinked, the laughter reaching every corner of his mind, as well as the empty castle.

"P-Please... stop..." Seth begged, trying to control himself and only laughing more. Jonah suddenly felt both embarrassed and agitated, this outburst not suiting. Seth finally controlled himself, taking deep, steady breaths and regaining his composure. He cleared his throat then coughed. "Sorry, but please, just Seth."

"Seth then," Jonah said sharply, still a little annoyed. "Why did you save me?"

At this Seth blinked, and he suddenly went into thought himself, obviously not even knowing himself why he would save a mortal. Surely a moment of madness had come over him, like a cloud of confusion. He blinked once more, a realization of sorts hitting him.

"You saw the clouds over the castles, correct?" Seth asked instead of simply stating his response. Jonah gave a nod and Seth continued. "That isn't a cloud at all, really. It's the souls, all of the souls of those who have died here, all of them paying a Demon God back for a wish granted. I have yet to kill a single person, but Herius alone has killed hundreds of thousands. He has killed the most, actually. He eats their bodies so their souls cannot even stay by their decaying corpse. Many of the Demon Gods do the same, and those who don't shoo the souls away. But they cannot leave this realm, for they haven't permission." The many earrings chimed as he slightly lowered his head.

"Can't you give them permission? I mean, they're dead." Jonah blinked, dreading what might happen if he dies in this wretched realm.

"I could. But I don't feel like letting them into my dimension. After all, it's the only place I could send them, and I use it to be alone. Only I can say who goes in and who gets out." Seth smirked, raising a pale arm into nothing, though it disappeared as if a hat were over it. He lowered it, then raised it again, it staying right where it was visible.

Jonah gaped at this stunt, but was quick to close his mouth when banging came to the door.

"He's in there, isn't he?! Let me in! Let me at him!" Herius' voice roared. Seth stood quickly, shoving Jonah back, and thus he disappeared. Herius slammed down the door just then, looking about wildly.

"Whoever do you speak of now?" Seth questioned, returning to glaring coldly at Herius.

"Don't toy with me Seth! You've hid him!" Herius thundered over to the other, beefy hands shaking Seth's cloak, then suddenly regretting it. Seth raised a cold hand, his long hair suddenly hiding his eyes from view. "S-Seth, l-let's forget about this...? Please...?" The large man begged, not wielding his club anymore and feeling rather defenseless in only his loincloth. A breeze seemed to harden Seth's heart as his cloak billowed and his hand touched the bald head, his cold voice whispering.

"Wish, granted." Seth's lips curled to grin as the bald man disappeared, returning to his own castle without a memory of Jonah.

Seth lowered his hand, taking a step back and disappearing from the castle himself. He appeared in a world of white, standing next to Jonah who had his mouth ajar as he looked at the new scene of white.

"You have entered my dimension, I can mold it, much like I can mold the inside of my castle, however I may like. I prefer it like this though. You know... I have introduced myself, but I do not recall you doing so." Seth smirked, stepping in front of the mortal, who blinked.

"Oh, I'm sorry for being so rude! My name is Jonah Makarios." He stated quickly. Seth raised a pale hand, touching Jonah's chin.

"Jonah... no wonder. Your name commonly signals someone who brings bad luck. I've had to repair my doors because of you." Seth continued to smirk as Jonah suddenly remembered to fear for his life. "However, I pray your fate... is not that of those who die in the Dimensions of the Demon Gods."

(chapter one end)

(author notes: The second time I've written this chapter, since after a long single sitting of writing the first time, word crashed and left me with nothing but the heading! How delightful! But still, I think this second writing is better than the first. Seth's story originally introduced in a story that he was only in for the last two chapters or so, Death to Vampires, has been building madly for ages. This is the second half of his history, and don't hold your breath on getting the first half. This story is planned to only span three to five chapters, so will be moving rather quickly. If it matters to you, this is written in Microsoft Word on a black background with white, perputa 10.5 font. Brave that "note"? I congratulate you.)

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