(affections of the demon god)
(by shion)
(warnings: homosexuality, freaks, religion, discrimination, hope, multi-dimensioned universe, humanity, gods, demons, hate, love and insanity)
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(chapter three: everything you get)

"I got you a bit of food. I don't know what you like, but I fetched a bit of black coffee and a sandwich. I believe it's ham, cheddar and bacon, is that all right?" The black haired put the said food before the human, who had just awoken from his slumber. The reddish brown hair was patted down and the human smiled.

"This is great, I'm so hungry I'd eat peanuts, and I hate the things. Thank you... where did you get this stuff?" The human's eyes, the left one violet and the right one emerald both blinking as be began to eat the sandwich. The black haired Demon God smiled, wearing his usual black cloak.

"From a human shop in the dimension with no name. I am lucky to have connections there, plus Holy God of the dimension of no name is usually on drugs these days." Languid violet eyes shifted to the black door of the black castle as it opened, a silver haired stumbling in, red bird fluttering up from his shoulder. "Hn, speaking of a drug..."

"S-Seth!" The silver-haired was very pale, his silver cloak shaking as he tried to stand still for a minute. "P-Please... I'm too weak... you owe me one for... for that girl... you gotta send me to... God's no-name place..."

Seth raised a large, lean, pale hand and put it on the sickly shorter Demon God's forehead.

"Wish, granted." Seth said coldly, pushing the silver haired back into a swirling portal, the red bird cawing and following into the vortex, it's tail feathers barely making it through as the portal closed.

Seth looked down at the eating human, who seemed too involved to think much of the incident. He smiled once more, sitting on the black marble ground across from the human and watching him rather intently, though his eyes kept to their lethargic state. The human wore a green t-shirt and blue jeans, finishing the sandwich and licking his lips, slamming back the black coffee.

"My..." Seth put an oddly lukewarm pale hand on the human's cheek, taking the cup which blacked into nothing. "You were hungry, Jonah. I will have to feed you more often. I apologize, I forgot humans were not like flowers, which one waters every few days."

"I-It's okay..." Jonah blinked, black hair draping all around him as Seth kissed his reddish brown hair. The large doors opened once more, a dark blue skinned Demon God looking around.

"Can I... help you?" Seth stood, looking to the new guest.

"Where has Loki gone?" The dark blue caped tall man asked. His radiant blue hair was slicked back down his neck, and he seemed a bit short of breath.

"He requested to go to the dimension of no name, I complied." Seth said coldly, folding his arms and glaring to the other. The blue-oriented sighed, then looked to the human.

"You are still here? I am surprised... I do hope your body is still a pure little thing." The man smirked, then blinked, realizing his mistake in the presence of Seth.

"Are you questioning my loving care to my guest, Hades? For if you are I fear for your health." Seth kept his cold gaze focused on Hades.

"Well, obviously I am, but I assure you my foul will not be repeated. At least, not by me. But as I told you..." Hades blinked, then swiftly looked back to Jonah. "He... he knows? Surely no mortal would accept the love of a spawn of a vile half-breed race like Demon Gods."

"Did you think you were special, Hades?" Seth's stony glare stayed the same as his moth curled into a mocking smirk. "I told him before I told you, even. I haven't a clue if he returns the love, but he is well aware of it."

Hades paused for a minute before fleeing the conversation, the doors closing loudly.

"Not... good..." Seth blinked, then looked to Jonah, who was a bit confused, looking up at the violet eyes. "I cannot leave you here though so... I must take you with me... We have to go outside."

"Okay..." Jonah gave an odd look, but stood. He blinked, Seth's arms wrapping around him. "Seth?"

"I apologize. I just wish to hold you." Seth whispered, and Jonah smiled, returning the embrace.

"Why do we have to go out?" Jonah asked, the cold, slow heartbeat of the other filling his head.

"Hades has caused a stir, I must make sure you're safe." Seth explained, standing tall once more. It seemed the black dimension had woken up with the sound of the doors slamming. Many Demon Gods wandered from their castles, some holding pieces of bodies, some sporting humans on chains, some just wielding weapons. Seth kept an arm on Jonah's shoulder as they walked out to confront this mob, all looking shocked at the two.

Whispers could be heard, things like "Seth's gone mad", "That thing can't be human", "a mortal?!" and "what a disgrace" were picked out by the human's ears as he pried himself from a day dream and looked at these bastard half-breeds.

"Explain yourself Seth!" A voice roared, and others agreed.

"Why, are you too idiotic to figure out something on your own?" Seth asked coldly. These words livened the Demon Gods, one even raising a bow. "Hmph. I love this human, is that so horrid?" While Seth focused on the mob, Jonah's eyes wandered to the cloud over the castles. He blinked, sure he saw them moving, one soul seeming to point at something. He followed the arrow to see some sort of figure on a castle top, then realized there were two. One was the large, bald Demon God he had met when he first arrived to this black world of death. The second was no one he recognized, but a glint of light made him gasp, the world beginning to move in slow motion for the human.

Five arrows were heading right pass the mob of Demon Gods, and aiming right for Seth. The world of black seemed tinted in violet, moving too slow to understand.

He had to protect Seth. This broken morbid soul was his responsibility, he had to save him somehow. The world, his heart, his very soul wanted him to snap out of the world of daydreams and get Seth to safety even if it meant death.

Not to day dream, not to waste air, not to take up space, to somehow cure this broken soul, and if it killed him, he was suddenly willing to die.

Jonah pulled all his strength and shoved Seth over, smiling. The world was moving too slow to understand, and too fast to think as much as he already had.

He felt two arrows pierce him, one though his ankle, twisting as he continued to fall, one more hitting his waist, driving through his pelvis bone. The third arrow he only felt for a split second before he blacked out completely, smile still on his face as the third arrow pierced through his skull, stabbing straight through his brain and out the other end.

Seth gaped, this smiling face reminding him of another person, a woman with watermelon pink eyes and black hair, who had the same expression as she died. He caught the human who fell on top of him, too stunned to move for a few minutes, the mob exclaiming a series of gasps, then the Demon Gods scattered as fast as they could get away. Seth sat up, shaking the human's body, his violet eyes no longer languid, but scared, and tearing.

"Jonah! Jonah!!" Seth cried, losing all of his composure, then suddenly swirling his head around to see the large man yelling at the shooter. "Herius..." His eyes went to a stony glare, and like his eyes were shooting daggers, the man fell over. The shooter screamed, a flame emitting from the man's huge stomach, roaring and catching the shooter ablaze.

Seth picked Jonah up, removing the two remaining arrows, then blinking as he heard the mortal's heartbeat, his wet eyes looking to the head wound, which bled the black marble red.

"S... Seth..." Jonah coughed. Seth blinked once more, sure the mortal was dead. "I... I love you..." Jonah's soul cemented to his body, but he went fully limp, his heart and lungs giving up as his brain already had.

"I love you, as well, mortal." Seth held the cold body, walking back to his castle, Demise and Decease staying silent as he walked into the dimension of white.


"Herius, you got only what was coming to you." Hades sighed, looking at the rotten, burnt corpses. "I see you hired a hand as well, poor thing had no idea what she was doing."

He shook his head, clapping his dark blue hands together, both of the bodies disappearing.

"May your next lives bring more prophet than pain. Now I just have to worry as to what Seth is doing, how he's recovering and where that mortal's soul has gotten to." Hades looked to the castle where Seth was last seen entering, deciding to give it some time.


In the dimension of white, Seth sat with his head on the lap of the reddish brown haired human, his violet eyes closed as a hand went over his long black hair.

"I am sorry Jonah... I cannot fully revive you..." Seth sighed, the human sitting in a white throne, wearing what looked like a large sheet.

"I'm just shocked to be even sort of alive, Seth. I... I know I'm dead now, but I still have my body, and it's working just like normal..." Jonah smiled, continuing to stroke the other.

"I know, but I must get stronger. I have to be able to revive you and make you immortal Jonah, I need your beauty in my life, please..." Seth kept his arms around the human's waist, on his knees, his long black hair and cloak spread on the white ground.

"Of course Seth, whatever you want. But when you do get stronger, please, house the dead souls here. Them before I, for I am already the happiest dead person ever." Jonah's violet eye was closed, the emerald opened to his freedom.

"Hn..." Seth muttered. "To get stronger... I will have to grant wishes and carry out getting payments. Are you alright with me... doing that?"

"Yes. Because I know that you love me Seth, and as long as you still love me, you can take as many lovers in as you want. I know that it's your nature, and I can really, honestly say that I don't mind." Jonah assured.

"Very well... I owe you quite a lot Jonah, is there anything, anything at all, I can do for you?" Seth looked up at the human, who was still smiling. Jonah said nothing, leaning down and kissing the surprisingly warm pale lips.

"No Seth, your presence alone is enough for me." Jonah blinked as Seth stood, leaning over him, his long hair making like a curtain around them.

"When you were dead, you said you loved me." Seth stated simply.

"I do love you." Jonah resumed his smile.

"Can you... say it again?" Seth asked, as if trying to hear a certain note.

"I love you Seth." Jonah reached his arms up, wrapping them around the Demon God.

"I love you as well... Jonah." Seth gave a true, warm smile and kissed the human. They might have stayed that way forever if there had not been a knock on the door of the castle back in the dimension of Demon Gods. "Leave them" Seth snapped, but Jonah chuckled.

"Now, now, go see who it is." Jonah waved. The white dimension could only hear key things from inside the castle, like knocking and tears hitting the marble floors. Seth sighed, standing and walking from the dimension, leaving Jonah alone. "Besides, you might not see it, but... I can see in this dimension, a city of life in death, of happiness after pain, of love. I know that you doubt, but I know that now, I will no longer be lonely, not even when I am all alone."


Seth walked out of the dimension into his castle to see Hades had let himself in.

"How are you?" Hades asked, surprisingly calm and collected.

"Fine, and you?" Seth kept his stony glare to the blue oriented. Hades blinked at this reply.

"Fine, I suppose. I was expecting you to be more in grieve with what happened to the mortal." Hades folded his arms, slightly confused.

"I have revived him to a... certain extent." Seth explained vaguely.

"What? That's forbidden to do in the dimension of... Oh! Your dimension! Hm, so you must have just reconnected him and healed him. I assume he cannot walk or do much math?" Hades smirked.

"No, he cannot. Nor can he open the eye he had implanted, but once I become stronger I can fully revive him, and bestow upon him immortality. Of course first I am housing the souls of the dead..." Seth sighed, not completely sure of himself.

"I see." Hades lifted his right hand, then grabbed his right elbow with his left hand, grunting as he ripped the arm off, crimson blood splattering the walls. The arm turned to a huge orb, which floated into Seth's body. "My donation to your cause."

"Hades..." Seth blinked, feeling quite a bit stronger. "Why are you...?"

"Because I feel you are quite pure. Why make you waste so much extra time getting stronger when I can lend you a hand?" Hades chuckled, blood still spewing from his shoulder. "I'm sorry, I'm tainting your floor. I'll leave in a minute. Just... house the souls with that energy, it should be enough." Hades gave a nod, surprised when Demise and Decease helped him out. Seth smiled, closing his languid eyes, the white cloud over the dimension of the Demon Gods disappearing into the city of the dead.

Seth resumed his spot resting his head on Jonah's lap, waiting for a hapless being to need to make a wish, to give him power. Surely the wait would not be long, but every moment counts when you're spending life outside the town of the living dead, loving a mortal who saved your life, giving your affections to the only thing you've ever admired.

(chapter three end.)
(affections of the demon god end.)

(author notes: Wow, I hit the least amount of chapters for once. Maybe this last chapter isn't as awesome possum, but I still love it. I kill a lot of characters in the Seth stories, seeing as I killed three in this chapter alone, ripping the arm off another character. Something I want to talk about is Hades, who is called "Hades, the Wise but Cruel". In this chapter he becomes furious, then tears his arm off to help the person who he was enraged at. This shows a lot of his character, at least I think. Loki leaves to Holy God's, Herius and the mysterious bow-woman both get torched by Seth and Jonah takes three arrows for Seth, even one through the brain. I leave most of this stuff to your imagination, and hope you enjoyed this.)

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