Why must you ruin it?

Can't you just be happy?

For me?

Just this once

Gave away

Give way

Let me be

Must you stand and hold me?
Hide me behind your back

I want to see

Let me go

Set me free

Just like the leaves in autumn

Let me fall

Hard on the ground

Don't be afraid

That I may get hurt

Never fear

I'll try my best to be brave

I may fail

I may wander

Time may come that I may be alone

But never fear

Don't be afraid

For you have thought me well

Guided me, trained me

A tear or two may drop from my eyes

But I know it will teach me

Just like how you did

And forever I shall thank you

For bringing me joy

For bringing me pain

It may be a blur to me back then

But now I know

The words you've said

The things you've done

Building me up

While breaking me down

Made me stand

Among the crowd