The Devil's Offspring

Madison's' Journal – PRIVATE.

1- Jason Curtis is the devil's offspring.

It's quite simple really. If you think about it. I have over a million reasons to hate a guy that has plagued my existence for the past – I don't know – sixteen years.

He's done so many things wrong, I can't possibly understand how I could ever forgive him. Ever.

Every year of my life since we met he has stolen something from me. Did I mention that Jason is a thief? Yes. He steals things. Not necessarily material things, but things that you prize the most. Such as pride, your confidence, your first kiss…

He stole that too. From me. When I was in Grade 1. Needless to say, I didn't like it. In fact, I hated it. Why? He had been eating a melted mars bar before he had decided to crush those foul pair of lips against mine.

Gag me.

In Grade 5 he took away my Best Friend. Why? He decided he needed a girlfriend, and in order to piss me off, chose my true best friend who promptly ditched me for him. Some best friend she turned out to be.

Needless to say, our friendship ended there. I mean, my best friend. Not Jason. I wasn't friends with him to begin with.

Jason Curtis suffers from being a kleptomaniac, but I feel no remorse for him.

Listen to me. I sound like a five year old whining about how unfair life is. Well. I don't know what else to write. I only bought this book because I liked the cover – its purple with black criss-crosses.

It's a great way to vent anger.

Today is the first day of my senior year, then I'm free from High School forever. Not that I can't stand Davidson Academy. We're all smart here, as this school is reserved for 'talented' or 'gifted' children. What I'm gifted at, you tell me.

We have uniform with includes a black pleated skirt (for girls) and a white polo with the school's crest on the breast pocket. Not so good for me. So what I tend to do is wear large violet hoop earrings that tickle the base of my neck.

My tights are not white, but fishnet, with a pair of ankle-high black boots. But what I love most if what I can do with my hair. It's not exceptionally special, just red, long, with purple streaks.

Enough about me. I'm sitting on a chair outside the office waiting for the secretary – Miss Lincoln – to give me my new schedule. Then I'm out of here.

2- I hate first days of school. They suck and make students suffer.

I know I look stupid, crouched over a small black and purple book but I don't care.

I'm used to the curious stares I get. I get them all the time.

I also have a constant lack of friends, but I'll live.

I can see new students streaming into the school from where I'm sitting. And I believe I've found a friend. It's a pale girl with short black hair who's looking pretty lost right now, apart from the fact that she's wearing a smug expression on her face.

I think I'm going to go say hi. No wait. She's coming over.

Her name is Tori Roberts. I must say, its quite an imaginative name compared to mine – Madison Carter. Honestly. Who wants to be named after a place?

She came up to me and asked: "Are you new around here?"

I reply: "No."

The girl shrugs. "I'm Tori Roberts. Just arrived here."

No duh. "I'm Madison Carter. Hey."

Was she hinting she wanted to be friends with me?

I'm having music now, slumped at the back of the class. Tori had biology first – poor thing – so I'm back to being a loner at the back of the class. Sitting at the back so I don't have to hear my teacher drone on about octaves and treble clefs.

I do have friends. I just don't interact with them so much. I looked up and just saw Kyle Fishburne walking over to the back. See? Some people do want to sit with me.

Okay now he's meters away and still coming. He still looks the same to me. Same short brown hair, same sad puppy-dog expression. I've never seen Kyle as more than a friend, but that's a good thing. We are not compatible.

That's one thing about me as well. I'm a strong believer in astrology. The stars, signs, and all that. I'm an Aquarius – and proud to be one. Kyle is Pisces. Needless to say, the perfect match made in hell.

He just said hi.

Hell. I guess I better say hi back.

I'm supposed to be reviewing this piece of music that the teacher just gave us. Bite me. I have better things to do than read notes on a damned piece of white paper. This is insane. How long is music class?

Oh yeah Kyle. He sat next to me and said "Hi."

"Hi yourself."

"What's up? How was the break for you?"

"Fun. Today? Boring. What do you have next?"


"I mean after music."


My eyes must've widened to the size of Alaska. "Two hours?"

"It's this new thing for the new school year. Two years of art so that," he made quotes with his fingers, "we can appreciate the arts better."

I leaned back into the black plastic chair groaning. "Damn."

I pushed a strand behind one ear. "Did I mention I really despise this school right now?"

3- Someone should make teachers sit in a class while we teach. Bloody tyrants.

"Have you met anyone new?"

"Students? Yeah. Tori. She seems harmless."

Kyle raised an eyebrow at me. He looked way too innocent in the school uniform.

I bent over and opened his collar slightly. "God I've told you to leave it open. And Tori's cool."

Kyle snorted. "To you maybe. Other people find her plain weird. She was wearing a black lipstick, in case you didn't notice."

"I did notice."

"And she had scars on her wrists."

"I noticed that too."

"And her eyebrow was pierced."

"Okay I didn't noticed that."

I blinked, the information registering. "Eyebrow? Awesome!"

Kyle rolled his eyes. "I just hope we get new students that I can understand."

4-I officially want an eyebrow piercing. Or any piercing, come to that.

Another long hour to go. Music class is turning out to be torture. I'm going to ask for a water break.

There was this commotion outside the school office. So naturally, I went to see what it was all about. A tall blonde girl was standing by the doorway, so I just walked up to her. "Who died?" I inquired.

She gave me a polite smile. "No one. The principal has been replaced."

I stifled a laugh. Maybe there was hope if our school had rid itself of Principal Holden. "So who's the new exalted leader?"

The blonde girl shrugged. "Some blonde principal. Starts with a C."

I shrugged, not thinking much of it, until I felt myself being pushed away from the blonde girl and stumbling backwards.

5-We need traffic control at Davidson Academy.

Putting aside the fact that I want to see our new principal and decided how long they're going to last, I was also wondering if there was any new boys. Just because. Okay fine. Even though people think I'm an alien, which I've been graciously dubbed, I am still capable of human feelings.

Not that I've had a long string of past lovers. I was just curious.

So normally when all these sighs come up in the direction of the entrance of the office, Madison is going to be there craning her neck trying to get a better look. Not that I have to crane my neck up much. At 5 foot 9, I'm taller than most of the girls in my grade.

That's when I see him. This blonde guy. Standing beside one of those corduroy couches in the office waiting area, his back to us. I have three or four girls pressing their faces up to the glass, probably breathing so hard the glass is fogging up.

I feel for my gender. I do. Really.

So why is it I can control my hormones and they can't?


I can figure out who the new guy is later. I have better things to do. Such as go outside and skip the rest of music class.

Got caught. How was I meant to know that as one of my hands closed over the handle of the main doors the new principal would see me?

And you know what's disturbing? He looked really familiar. Like, really familiar. Déjà vu.

I panicked when he asked me what I was doing. "Taking a breath of fresh air before returning to class Principal…"


That's when I did a double take. Principal Curtis?

The Curtis?

Madison, I told myself, calm down. There are probably tons of people in the USA with the surname Curtis. Yet this man looked so familiar. Like I've seen him somewhere before. Smiling out of the yearbook.

Screw it. I'm becoming paranoid. Kyle's right. I need to socialize more.

"May I know your name?" the principal's voice broke into my thoughts.

I stood up to my full height and said in a defiant tone, "Madison Carter."

Something odd flickered in his eyes, before his face broke into a wide smile. "Madison!" he cried, sounding…happy.

I cocked an eyebrow in his direction. Principal Curtis then did something really weird. He took my hand and shook it.

"Madison!" he said again in the same light-hearted voice which was seriously beginning to creep me out, "How many years has it been since I last saw you! You have changed a lot!"

Okay, now I was really getting creeped out. I bit my lip and resisted the temptation to say "who the hell are you?" and settled for smiling politely, hoping he'd clarify himself before I had to do something drastic.

I.e., get out of there ASAP.

"I understand that I have been hired here at Davidson Academy. The last time I was principal for you was when you were in grade school."

Oh, him. I remember. But wait, if it was him, then-"

Principal Curtis rambled on, unaware that my jaw had gone slack. "…and I do believe you are well acquainted with my son. He was your classmate back then, wasn't he?"

I swallowed hard. "Your son?" I asked weakly.

"Yes. My son. Jason."

Jason Curtis.

That's when the crap really hit the fan.

I don't believe it. Jason Curtis. In my school. God, may I please die now. I don't understand. Of all schools in the county, he has to come to this one.

And its not that cliché 'hate' you read in novels where I secretly love him but just say I hate him because I'm in denial. I really do hate him.

Principal Curtis was extremely happy to see me by the way, which creeped me out immensely, and he told me to come to the office so that I could meet his son. Happy, happy, joy, joy. Meeting the spawn of Satan. Seriously, it's amazing how someone as nice as Principal Curtis could have such an unpleasant son.

I guess when Satan's wife gave birth in the hospital the two babies were switched, so some innocent soul is now living a life of hell in…uh…hell.

Pity I didn't bring my fire extinguisher.

Miss. Lincoln is writing my excuse note for the class I am currently missing to meet the ultimate breed of evil. She doesn't seem to mind me scribbling in a purple and black and that's perfectly okay with me.

When I get home today I am fully taking a nice, freezing cold shower to cleanse myself.

Okay still writing in my book, waiting. The little devil is late. It figures. He's probably off frying some poor human on a pitchfork and dancing around with his minions.

And to think I left my crucifix at home. Damn.

6-Always keep a cross inside my pocket for emergencies.

Okay I'm getting really impatient.

No wait. The door's opening. Two people have walked in. I recognize the polished black shoes as Principal Curtis. The black and blue skateboarding shoes I can only assume are his son's.

I'm not going to look up.

"Madison, sorry to keep you waiting." Principal Curtis goes in a happy voice before I see his shoes turn and walk away.

Great. Now I'm stuck with his stupid son.

I shudder inwardly. The devil's offspring.

The pair of skateboarding shoes shuffle a little before I feel the place on the couch next to me give in to someone's weight. His weight.

I groan. This is stupid. I'm getting up. I'm leaving.

I'm going to close this book and walk right out and pretend I forgot my manners.

Okay closing book now. Do not look up. Why am I still writing?

I'm going to look up for a little bit just to see if – oh damn.

Someone's all grown up.

His lips parted to speak.

"Still in love with purple Maddie?"


He's really back.

7- For the first time ever, Madison Carter threw a fit in public.

A/N This chapter has been re written and revised.