What have I done wrong?

Hello mommy,
What have I done wrong?
I'm right here in your tummy
Why is this person sticking things that don't belong?

Why is this person killing me
Who is he?
What right does he have
To do this to me?

I only wanted a family
To grow up happily
To have a girlfriend
What have I done wrong?

I wish I could be there
Like God said I would be.
He said I'd be the one,
To find the cure for cancer.

When I look at God
I see him crying
I asked him why
He said this was Satan's work,
What was happening to me.

I cross over then
And look at my mommy
The one I'd never be able to know
The one I wish I knew,
The one that didn't want me.

I ask Jesus why this happens,
And he said that this happens all the time
I've sent them the cure for AIDS and Cancer
Over and over again,
And over and over again, they die.

I watched the girl I was supposed to save
The first one to be given the drug
That would have saved her from an awful fate.
She lies now on a bed, writhing in agony
Because of what my mommy did to me.

Why did she have to suffer?
What did I do wrong?

I see my mommy cry in the dark of the night
From demons of her past.
Satanic images of me,
The pain her choice caused her.
And I see, she suffers too.

I watch as people go through
The same doors over and over again
With the next Einstein and the next Gandhi
And walk out empty
I watch them suffer
And I look to Jesus and say
"When will this end?"

And he said, "soon, very soon."

1st Thessalonians 5:2- For you know very well that the Day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night."

A poem about the evil that is abortion.