I'm losing it

My edge

My stand

My so called life

This thing

There is something

Growing everyday

Slowly devouring

My wholeness

Swallowing me within

Trying to breakthrough

Too much

My head is filled

Too much thought

And yet I liked it

I'm beginning to love it

At first I was afraid

Then soon I forgot my fear



Leaving my sanity behind

But I know it was worth it


I was so close

That feeling of freedom

I'm longing

The feeling of belonging

To someone

But this beauty is not forever

Because behind this perfect dream

Lies the reality

I can never escape

Or I thought so that I have escaped


But soon

I know I have to leave

This world

Our world

Hoping so much

That someday I could return


Maybe in time

One day I'll be back

Running away

In my dream

With you.