I haven't worn them in over a year.

Will they still fit?

Or will I have to get new ones?

Are they the same color?

Are they rusty?

Or are they still like new?

My Ice skates, do they still look all right?

Are my gloves still in my little red bag?

Or are they all moldy and I can't wear them?

I couldn't wear them in over a year, not because I was hurt or injured.

It's because Daddy didn't pay Mommy like he should have.

So Mommy and I stopped taking lessons.

And all the times for "open skate" were times when we couldn't go.

This is when my happiness started to end.

Ice-skating was when I could actually get out anger,

And possibly "hurt" the ice.

When you took that away, I bottled up the anger, the tears, and the screams.

I'm only in Basic 4.

I could be in Dance or Freestyle by now.

But no.

All because Daddy took that away, when he chose not to pay.

I wanted to be like the pros, but Daddy took it away when he wanted to be sure he had more than enough to make it though.