Where will it lead us?

Where will it lead us?

All this technology we have in our laps

TVs, VCRs, iPods, computers

They're great right now

But what about in the long run?

What will happen

When we run out of gas for our cars?

They are so much a part of our life

It would be impossible, for most

To try and live without them.

We all make a fuss

About loving the environment

Well if we love it so much

Why doesn't anyone do something?

And stop the pollution

And stop global warming

It's not just technology

It's us


People forgetting to think ahead

In fifty years

Where will it lead us?


Author's Note: i dont have anything against technology (in fact, i depend on it a LOT!) but this is just something I wonder about often. If we don't do something to stop all the pollution from the factories making this technology,earth wont be a good place to live anymore for us. and we are using up a lot of important stuff to make the technology work. please review to tell me what you think!