I do worry myself sometimes... MINE! Yay!

Again Again

I know, my love,
I've heard them say
It's wrong to do
The things we do.
But tell me, when
It feels so good
Is it a crime
To love to hear
You scream and groan
To lay my ear
To yelp and moan?
Is it so wrong
To want to cause
You lovely pain
Again, again,
Or is it right
When screams become
A pleasure cry
A keening plea
For loving lash,
To give you what
You want, you long
For, even as I
Give it to you,
Humbling lashes,
Most love, more pain,
Lash on a lash
Again, again,
When we both cry
In startled joy
At what deep side
Lies bare, lies raw,
Floods with the tide
The rise of what
I cause you still,
With loving pain,
Again, again
This sweet, sweet pain
Again, again
Come, taste it deep,
Again, again,
Again, again,
And now, again.