Episode One: Making the Cut

The Assignment:

Year 12 Media students are required to complete the following tasks in order to achieve a final mark for Unit 4: Media Studies.

- Partners, as chosen by your teacher, must direct and produce a small television series from one of the following categories: documentary, news report, soap opera/drama, reality show and game show.

- The type and style of television series you will be creating will be drawn randomly. There is to be NO SWAPPING.

- Partners will then make a 7-10 minute video of given category and will have to present an episode of their series at least once every fortnight. Be sure to tell your teacher when you would like to show the class your video three days prior to the presentation.

- This assignment will take over 12 weeks and so a minimum of 6 episodes must be taped in order to get a final grade. Those who do not make each deadline will be penalized.

- You will be given only a week to plan. Be sure to consider the setting of you program, actors and scripts. Think carefully about the style of the show and its structure.

- All things shown during your presentations must abide by Trinity Grammar's rules and regulations as stated at the front of your school diary. There will be zero tolerance on indecent images or bad language!

- Lastly, have FUN and be creative with your project! You may be given the type of series you will making, but try to make it your own! Be original—you never know, your show might become the next prime-time hit!

Good Luck!

Isabelle Robyns couldn't help but let out a loud groan as she read the piece of paper her teacher had given to her. There was no way in hell she was going to do that as her last and major project that counted for more than fifty-percent of her final grade. It had to be some kind of sick joke!

"Is it that bad Izzy?" her best friend, Emily, asked from the seat adjacent to hers.

Pushing strands of black hair away from her face with an irritated sweep, Isabelle grumbled, "It's worse than bad. I have to produce a freaking reality show."

"Reality shows are fun. You can do social experiments and—"

Isabelle shook her head cutting her friend off, "Not if they're the dating kind."

There was a grimace from Emily and a consoling pat on the shoulder. Isabelle fell into her seat.

"Problems girls?" Ms Callum said as she made another round across the classroom, this time drawing out project partner names out of an empty film canister. Their media teacher had always reminded Isabelle of a real-life pixie. Ms Callum was tiny-framed and at times was even mistaken for a student. Her hair was short and dyed in the most ridiculous of colours. Electric blues and pinks and purples highlighted her already bright blond hair. She was one of Isabelle's favourite teachers but for the moment, Isabelle allowed herself to feel peeved.

Ms Callum must have picked up on Isabelle's mood as she cheerfully said, "I'm sure you'll have fun making this Isabelle! It will be a wonderful experience!"

Isabelle didn't even bother to respond and just unfolded the second piece of paper that determined her project partner for the rest of the term. Landon Cunnings. Isabelle practically danced in her seat at the sight of her project partner's name. Finally, some good news! At least she would be working with someone she knew and worked well with, there was still hope getting a decent grade by the end of the final project after all.

Ms Callum winked from beside her, "See! Good luck with the rest of it!"

Isabelle was about to stand to hunt Landon down, trying to find his dirty blond head in the classroom, but her project partner beat her to it. He threw an arm around her once he reached her table. "Well Miss Spielberg, looks like we have to make this reality show a damn good one."

Isabelle looked skeptical, "Reality shows are so trashy. I don't get why we have do this."

"Because if we don't, we'll fail Media class and will never become little Tarantinos of our generation." Landon said, pulling up a chair beside Isabelle.

Chuckling, Isabelle sat down. "Fine. Where do we start?"


Tired of waiting around, dating loser guys while wishing for the REAL man of you dreams to appear?

Or perhaps you need to find a new special someone to be the ENVY of your friends?

Come to the school auditorium this Wednesday at lunch and make a DATE with one of the most sought after guys in the school!

You don't want to miss it!

Isabelle nearly spat out a mouthful of orange juice as she scanned the flyer again, "Landon, you did not post this up all over school!"

The beautiful blond sitting next to Isabelle plucked the flyer from Isabelle's hands and took a moment to read over the advertisement. "Sounds interesting."

Landon had taken a detour to Isabelle's table at lunch to show her the final draft of the audition flyer they had created in class. Sure he tweaked a few things and added more words to the copy but it made for a great ad. Isabelle's friends were now taking turns reading his little creation. The blond—Alana—had an amused look on her face. As did Kassi, the small brunette that Landon had been friends with from the track team since Year 10.

"So all we have to do is turn up and we're in?" Kassi asked Landon.

"Don't you even think about it!" Isabelle cried.

Landon grinned as Isabelle proceeded to go on about how the flyer was demeaning to women and then started on how dating shows were out-dated and completely unreal. "There is no possible way someone can fall in love truthfully in shows like this! Most of the couples who hook up in these types of shows never stay together at the end." Isabelle ranted.

"Didn't Trista from The Bachelorette end up married with kids?" Emily debated.

Isabelle rolled her eyes, "Oh wow. One couple made it out of how many seasons of that crappy show?"

Alana shrugged, "It's not as if your show is about weddings and happily ever afters. It's just a little fun."

Kassi nodded eagerly, "It's high school. Everyone's always hooking up and breaking up. At least now we don't have to rely on the gossip mill to find out about it. We get to see the whole drama unfold before our very eyes."

Isabelle shook her head in mock dismay, "You guys are hopeless."

The girls around the table began to chat animatedly between themselves, Landon taking a moment to observe them. Emily, who was supposed to be the fiery red-head of the group was trying to cheer Isabelle up. While Alana and Kassi, who Landon likened as two sides of the same coin, completely opposite yet so alike, were arguing who would win if they were to audition for the show.

Then there was Landon's project partner. It was hard to believe that the girl sitting across from him was the same shy and quiet girl he met at the start of the school year. It had been a real effort on Landon's part to get her comfortable around him. His constant joking and shameless flirting slowly breaking away Isabelle's guard. It wasn't until half way through semester that Isabelle started to show her true colours. Landon was pleasantly surprised that Isabelle was actually a bubbly, incredibly talented and charming girl. Once her walls were down, she was irresistible to be around. He now considered her one of his closest friends.

Alana broke Landon's train of thoughts as she flicked long blond hair over her shoulder and said, "So Landon, who's my lucky guy?"

Kassi scoffed on the side, "As if."

Landon grinned and paused for added effect. The girls leaned in with anticipation. Isabelle raised her eyebrows, amazed that Landon had already found some poor sucker to actually volunteer as the 'lucky bachelor'.

Clearing his throat, Landon finally spoke. "You girls won't be disappointed. I couldn't be in it of course so I chose the next best thing. He's the King of all that is popular in this school and not to mention he's well loved and well respected by most of the student body...Liam Sanders of course."

Four pairs of eyes opened wide in disbelief.

"You mean the William Sanders?" Kassi repeated.

"His up for the taking?" Alana asked with excitement.

"So those rumors were right. They broke up after all." Emily stated.

"This wasn't part of the plan!" Isabelle exclaimed in unison with her friends.

Landon put his hands up, trying to calm the girls down, "I know, I know. But I figured we needed the perfect bachelor and he needs to get over his ex. It's a win-win for all."

Isabelle rubbed her forehead, "Are you sure Landon? Have you even asked him?"

"Sure I have," Landon replied in a tone that said otherwise. Isabelle folded her arms and pursed her lips, clearly not impressed with his answer.

"Well, I will and he'll say yes. You'll see. How can he refuse this kind of offer?" Landon said with a careless shrug.

Liam Sanders slammed his locker shut, "There is no way in hell I'm doing it."

"You said you'd be happy to help out with my project this morning," Landon protested.

Liam turned and started to make his way towards the school exit, "Yeah. That was before I knew you wanted me to be some kind of pathetic bachelor for a dating show." He then swiveled around stopping Landon short on his tracks. "And that was before you told the whole damn school that Tammy and I broke up."

It had only been a few weeks since speculation over Liam and his longtime girlfriend's break-up had died down. Now that Landon confirmed it, it had sparked new gossip all over school. Liam had been getting sympathetic looks and condolences from both friends and kids he didn't even know all afternoon. It was getting on his nerves.

"Actually," Liam went on. "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't knock you out right here, right now?"

"Because if you do, you'll be kicked off the debating and track team. And not to mention you're the school captain. You have to set a good example to the student body. Plus, how do you know it wasn't Carter who spilled?" Landon said without a beat.

There was a snort, "Because I ain't that stupid."

"Okay, so I may have said something to someone. But honestly, there's no harm done. In fact, I'd even go as far as to say that I boosted your popularity even more so with the women of this school." Landon insisted. He and Carter followed Liam out of the building and then to the school parking lot.

Liam rolled his eyes and unlocked his baby: the latest sleek, black Mercedes-Benz sports he had paid half with his parents as a present for his eighteenth birthday.

"Come on Liam, I'm doing you a favor. You need this. It's been ages since you went out with another girl."

Liam's laugh was humorless, "Yeah right. I'm not that desperate, thanks."

Carter who had remained quiet throughout his friends' conversation, folded his arms and said, "For once Landon has a point. You've been chained up with Tammy for most of your adolescent life. You're a free man now. Go out and get some."

"Whatever man. I'm not up for humiliation," Liam rebutted becoming more and more irritated. He could always persuade people to change their minds on certain topics. He was great at arguing and winning debates but when it came to his two best friends, especially with the both of them teaming up on him, Liam knew he would eventually lose the argument.

"It's just for fun. Think of it sort of like a blind date or something." Landon pursued. "And, if you don't like it you can pull out like a Pornstar anytime, no questions asked."

"Liam, for once, grow some balls and go for it," Carter added.

Liam narrowed his eyes, "Start walking home."

Carter laughed, "Seriously man, just do it. What's there to lose? Maybe it's just what you need after dating Tam for four years of your damn life. And remember she was the one who dumped you."

Liam curled his fist at the memory of his break up then ruffled his dark hair in exasperation, "I can get out of it anytime I want?"

Landon shook his head in the affirmative.

Liam got into his car, "What the hell."

[Instant Messages]

IzZy says: Hey Em, how r u?

Emily says: I'm still bummed out about getting paired up with Carter. I'm working with the school's biggest jack-ass. I am SO going to fail this final assessment.

IzZy says: This whole media project blows.

Emily says: Yeah, tell me about it. I caught up with Carter before school let out to plan our assignment and get this, he wants to do a report on a party. Like an undercover thing and expose what teens do at out-of-control-parties, like we don't already know!!

IzZy says: I hate to admit this, but it does sound interesting.

Emily says: I'm gonna let that one slide.

IzZy says: What did u have in mind?

Emily says: I wanted to report on the kids who do community service at school—you know, get the whole behind-the-scenes scoop on what they do and stuff.

IzZy says:

Emily says: Hello? A little support here!!

IzZy says: :)

Emily says: Your ass is SO kicked tomorrow.

IzZy says: Can u break my legs while you're at it? I don't want to sit through a whole heap of googly-eyed, hormone enraged girls drooling all over Liam Sanders.

Emily says: :)

IzZy says: I hate you

Emily says: I know, but I can live with that.

IzZy says: Well I'm out, need to do more math homework, plus Landon's been ringing my phone.

Emily says: Hahahah! Have fun then Hun! See ya tomorrow

IzZy says: Good luck with Carter.

Emily says: You're SO evil!

IzZy says: I know, but I can live with that! BYE!!

Liam entered the school auditorium the next day, blown away at the amount of girls that had actually turned up for the auditions. Landon sure knew how to advertise. Speaking of his friend, Liam frowned as he glanced down at his watch. Landon was late.

"He's late again," muttered a voice, it echoed in the empty room. Liam's eyes followed where he heard the voice and found a raven-haired girl standing at the other end of the auditorium. She was bent down, organizing a heap of paper on a small table and so hadn't realized his arrival.

"He's known for his punctuality, or lack of," Liam said making his way to the girl.

The girl, in return, whirled around and gasped, clearly taken by surprise and dropping a pile of paper she had been holding onto the floor. Her face reddened.

Liam shot an apologetic smile and joined the girl on the floor, "Sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you."

"It's—it's—kay," the girl stammered.

"Here," he handed her the loose sheets he had gathered.


There was a short pause, the girl avoiding his eyes.

"Um, thanks for helping us out with this project and all," she said, standing back up.

"Yeah, well it should be fun," Liam said trying to catch the girl's eyes under her thick mane of hair. As an experience public speaker, Liam knew that eye contact showed how much self confidence a person had—this girl obviously didn't have enough of it.

She finally looked up at him but only just, "Yeah, well, um, we'll start once Landon gets his butt here, otherwise take a seat."

Liam did as he was told and sat down on the nearest bleacher, "Landon didn't tell me that he was working with a partner on his project."

The girl shifted a few things around the table she had set up for the auditions and remained silent. Liam could tell she was nervous about something.

There was another drawn-out pause.

Liam looked at his watch again.

It was a good fifteen minutes before Landon finally showed up and during that time Liam's gaze stayed on the girl who was still avoiding any contact with him. He knew of her. She was, after all, Isabelle Robyns, younger sister to Ayden Robyns who had been school captain two years ago and the older sister of Lucas Robyns, the Year 10 level captain as well as the Year Seven's sports captain, Tom Robyns.

In fact, the Robyns name was plastered all around the school, from sport trophies to academic excellence awards and other prestigious honors, the Robyns brothers were something of legends at his school and so it struck him as odd that Isabelle was nothing like her ambitious and more outgoing siblings—she was painfully shy. Something which Liam was grateful for, he wouldn't have stood a chance against a Robyns who was anything more.

"Hey guys sorry I'm late," Landon said as he made his entrance. "Let's get things started."

Liam noticed the tension on Isabelle's face vanish at the sight of Landon then heard her sigh, "Don't these girls have any decency? Why they put themselves up for humiliation is beyond me." As soon as she finished her sentence, she instantly flushed.

"Gee thanks," Liam replied, not at all offended but more amused.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like that," Isabelle said, shaking her head in embarrassment. She quickly left the auditorium to start directing the girls in.

Liam took a seat at the judging table, "I didn't know you were working with Robyns."

"That's because I made a point not to tell you," Landon answered. "Just remember, I saw her first."

Liam laughed, "I'll keep that in mind, but I'm not like Carter. I don't go around hooking up with other guys' girls."

Landon gave his friend a puzzled look, "Where is that guy anyway? I thought he would be here to enjoy this as much as we are going to."

Before Liam could reply, Isabelle reappeared at the door with a disgruntled look, "Gentlemen, meet contestant number one—Alana Earls."

[Audition Outtakes]

Contestant #1: Alana Earls

"So why do you want to be in our reality show?" asked Isabelle.

Alana directed her answer towards the boy who sat between Landon and Isabelle, "Why for you of course."

There was a slight giggle and a flick of blonde hair. Liam and Landon were all smiles. Isabelle, on the other hand, began to beat her head softly on the desk.

Contestant #10: Jaimie (with a great rack)

Isabelle gave the boys a nasty glare as they continued to not so subtly look at the girl's chest.

"Next!" Isabelle called.

Contestant #13: Christine

"Well, like I wanna be here because, you know…actually what am I here for again?" There was a blink of confusion from the girl's blue eyes.

Isabelle, Liam and Landon shared agreeing looks, "Next!"

Contestant # 18: Camille Harrison

"Well I'm here to win, and if that means having Liam Sanders, then I'm all for it," purred the girl, leaning on the table to show the boys what she was really made of.

Isabelle gagged.

Contestant # 23: Faye

Isabelle choked on her drink as she saw the leather clad girl start to dirty dance. Liam and Landon looked on with bewilderment—how the human body could do something like that was a pure mystery to them.

Isabelle covered her eyes, not wanting to taint her innocence.

Contestant # 29: Kassi Smith

"Kass, not you too." Isabelle whimpered.

Contestant # 32: Mary

The girl began to belt out a chorus of what seemed to be The Phantom of the Opera.

"Wrong audition!"

Contestant # 39: Trish Altwood

Liam's eyes raised in surprise, "Trish?"

"Hey Liam, I didn't know you were going to be the bachelor. Maybe I should go," the small girl said.

Liam shook his head, "Listen, just because Tam and I aren't dating, doesn't mean we can't be friends."

Trish looked down and nodded, "You're right, but this is way too weird for me. Tam would kill me if she knew."

Liam's face hardened, "Tam doesn't own me."

Isabelle felt the chill in his voice and unconsciously moved away from the boy next to her.

"Okay, well then, I want to be in this show because…"

Contestant #43: Kelly

"Yeah, hi, Liam I wanted to know if it's true that you spoil your girlfriends rotten and if the presents that you give are all above the thousand mark?"

Liam gave a blank look, "Next!"

Contestant # 50: Louise

"Oh my god, oh my god!! I'm actually standing in the same room as Liam…oh my god, he's looking at me…oh my god."

The girl began to hyperventilate and actually fainted.

Liam and Isabelle shared shocked looks.

"Can someone call the nurse in here please?" Landon shouted.

Isabelle rubbed her forehead tiredly, "That has go to be one of the most excruciating experiences I have ever had."

"You mean you didn't have fun watching those girls fall all over themselves?" Landon replied as he returned the table into the storage room.

Isabelle gave him a dubious look, "Oh yeah, that was heaps of fun, except I'm not a sadist."

Liam chuckled, "It was entertaining though."

Isabelle shook her head and with a small smile said, "You guys are hopeless."

Liam stole a quick glance at Isabelle. She was no longer hiding underneath her black hair and looked more relaxed. Having Landon in the room certainly made her more comfortable. He wondered if there was something going on between the both of them and made a mental note to ask his friend later.

"So what do you think dude, any of them take your fancy?" Landon asked.

Liam smiled and made a point to wink at Isabelle, "I don't think we should be discussing that with a lady in the room."

Isabelle shook her head again. "Well I'm off guys. Landon, ring me tonight so we can discuss the bachelorettes."

"Sure thing Izzy, and this time, pick up your phone!"

"Will do. See you both later," she said giving Liam a slight nod before leaving.

"She's cute," Liam said as he closed the storage room.

Landon smirked, "Careful Liam, you actually sound mildly interested in her."

"Whatever man, so how many girls are we choosing?"

"We? No, I think you have the wrong idea here Liam. Izzy and I are choosing the girls; all you have to do is sit back and relax until then."

Liam looked at Landon incredulously, "What?"

"Yeah," Landon whacked his friend's back, "Don't worry, trust me on this."

As the two boys made their way out of the auditorium, a girl stood blocking their way out—her hands on her hips.

"What the hell are you doing here, Tam?" Liam's eyes became angry slits.

Tammy crossed her arms over her chest, "Trish was in here earlier, that little backstabber. Thinks she can go out with my ex does she?"

Landon shrugged, "And?"

"I want to be in the show," Tammy spat.

"Get the hell out of my way." Liam said in a low, warning tone and side stepped her.

Tammy kept her ground and blocked him, "I wan to show these girls how it's done. And plus, what's a little competition going to hurt?"

Liam opened his mouth but Landon answered first, "That might actually be a good idea."

Tammy smiled triumphantly while Liam punched his friend's arm. "What the hell dude?"

Landon smiled and for the second time that day he said, "Trust me."


To: iz-izzy-here

From: em-n-ly

Subject: Media project sucks!

Hey Izzy, just checking in. I hate this media assignment, scratch that, I hate Carter Ryans! That arrogant ass! He spent all lunchtime chatting up girls at the library instead of planning our report.

I'm SO failing this subject!! How can Ms Callum be so cruel?! Why don't we ask her tomorrow if we can change? Better yet, just swap partners. I mean, it makes sense, Carter and Landon are best buds, and they wouldn't care, right?

Ugh!! I hate this! I hate this! I hate this! I hate this!

How did the auditions go today? Hope you had a better day than me.

I'll talk to you soon!




To: em-n-ly

From: iz-izzy-here

Subject: RE: media project sucks!

Sorry to hear about your crappy day Em, I feel for you.

My day was pretty pathetic too. I had to sit through over forty auditions! Yep, I know, more than forty girls actually showed up!!

I also got to talk to the all-hailed Liam Sanders too. I have to admit he is WAY cuter up close than when he's standing in front of the whole school during assemblies. I made such an ass of myself!! Will tell you more later.

Oh yeah, Kass and Alana actually turned up for auditions. Hahahah, those two will do anything for a competition. It's like being in Year Seven all over again. Remember when they sabotaged each other's science projects? Heheheh, I feel sorry for Liam if those two get picked.

Well, I'm out, Landon's ringing again.

See you tomorrow!


Thank you to all those who auditioned on Wednesday for the new up and coming reality show produced here in your very own Trinity Grammar. Unfortunately we cannot pick everyone for our show and due to the overwhelming response on Wednesday, we have decided to pick five girls instead of the initial four.

Can the following lucky ladies please meet Landon Cunnings and Isabelle Robyns in the Media room today at lunch to discuss the show's outline:

Alana Earls

Camille Harrison

Kassi Smith

Trish Atwood

Tammy Stevens


I looked at the list of girls Landon and I finally agreed on last night (after being on the phone for almost three hours arguing back and forth) and winced. I felt sorry for Liam. Poor guy. As if Alana and Kassi weren't already a handful, having Tammy in the mix was sure going to create tension.

Then there was Camille, the notorious female player in the history of Trinity Grammar, she made Carter Ryans look like an angel compared to her. Throw in Trish who was Tam's best friend and what we created was one bad soap opera instead of a reality show.

I was going to kill Landon for talking me into this.


I glanced at the names written on the bulletin and instantly had images of punching my best friend into a bloody pulp.

I couldn't believe what he did. Tam and Trish? Was he crazy? Better yet, was I crazy that I was actually taking part in this whole darn project?

I wanted to go straight to Landon and tell him to shove his project up his ass when I saw Isabelle walking down the hall with her red headed friend. She was laughing at something, and wow, I didn't know that the girl could actually smile like that—she had dimples, one on each side of her cheek. How could I have not noticed them before?

She saw me and gave a small timid smile before turning into a classroom.

So okay, maybe this thing won't be as bad as I thought it would be. Yesterday's auditions had been kind of fun. And watching Isabelle's reactions to some of the girls who auditioned had been more entertaining than the audition itself.

I let out a deep breath and made my way to Legal Studies.

Landon better know what he was doing.


I smiled to myself, proud of my handiwork.

This project was sure going to win me an Emmy sometime in the future that was for sure.

[Next time on Truth Behind Reality]

Episode Two: First Date

The girls head off on their first date with Liam at La Bella restaurant and get their chance to have a one-on-one with the bachelor. Madness ensues as each girl fights to get Liam's attention.

The doorway of the restaurant sounded as another cluster of customers entered. He heard Landon let out a low whistle and Liam turned to see what his friend was staring at. He found his dates lined up near the entrance, the maître d' happily taking their shawls and bags from them. Most guys in the room, even the ones who looked like they were on dates themselves, were all gawking, rightfully so as each girl was definitely dressed to impress.

Landon's hand was on Liam's shoulder, "Ready man? Time to get this show on the road."

"Let's get it started," Liam answered.


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