by: trista groulx

This is a contradiction in terms
You pushed me away,
While pulling me back because I was crying
You need your freedom,
But liked the stability I gave
How these contradictions cut like a knife
Saying that we're done,
When there's still something there
Promising I'd never be this girl,
While I sit hear nursing a broken heart
The contradictions like a dagger thru my soul
Begging for time,
When I want this right now
Letting you go,
When you're all I want
How to heal from the wounds of contradictions
Giving myself up for this,
When you don't want to try the same
Asking for a new start one day,
When all I want is for this to grow
These contradictions like a knife
Keeping you so far away,
When I only want you near
I don't want these contradictions in terms
Poisoning my mind with some kind of hope,
When I need it to flower like never before
My life now under the pendulum of contradiction
Working so hard,
When I know you won't see
Begging for it back,
Upon your deaf ears
The contradictions the dagger through my heart
Wanting you to see,
When I know you're blind
Wanting you to understand,
When you haven't grasped the concept of communication
These are the contradictions in terms lining my heart
Wanting to see only you,
When I should be looking for someone new
Promised myself I'd never be like this,
When this is all I want to do
As the contradictions just cut, cut, cut
Wanting your love,
After you've lost it
Looking at your closed eyes,
And seeing something in them
Wishing the contradictions could take me from this life