We all have walls built up around us

We don't usually build them ourselves

Other people also help to construct these walls

They think a person is waving,

When they are drowning.

Trying to get the persons attention so that

They won't be shut off from what is dear.

We all need people to give us the key

So, we don't spend time,





For a way to get out

So, that we have human contact

Not, spending time in solitary confinement

For something we did not do

I tried to knock down the walls

And you decided to build them back up.

Not caring about my freedom

Stifling me.

When you stifle one of us,

We are lose are freedom.

By constructing walls between persons

You are building the walls around yourself.

The way to break down these walls,



Not living in these tiny clich├ęs

That were defined to us by someone else

We have to stop these prisons from forming

They are in someone's fantasy like

The fantasies that begin to consume

A person living in this invisible prison

After years inside.

Let us out.

Let the world out,

Before the pounding on the bars gets


Open up your heart,

And the door will open