Two people, ignorant of the love each harbors for the other, grow more apathetic as the days go on. Will they be able to break the cycle and find each other?

by Ephemerae

Main Characters:

Itochi Sai

A cold unfeeling person... or so he seems. Harboring a deep love for his bandmate Kaori, he watches everyday as she seems to grow more beautiful... and farther away from him.



Dark green eyes and black hair

Futuwara Kaori

A gorgeous, vibrant woman, yet what she needs the most is someone so opposite from her. She doesn't see his affection, but spends her time immersed in her own desires. Believing that he would never want her, she turns to her bandmate Toshi, who also harbors feelings for another...



Dark brown eyes and long black hair

Hara Toshimasa

A happy go lucky, boyish persona on the outside, bleeding on the inside. He is best friends with Kaori and likes flirting with her...but wishes she was someone else the whole time. He knows that it is empty and void of all feelings but friendly ones, but others look on with jealousy, unknown to him.



Black eyes and blue-black hair

Itumara Satoshi

A cold, elegant, beautiful man that hides everything on the inside. He has more admirers that you can count, and has stolen many hearts. Oblivious to the one heart that he has pursued for so long is already in his hands…



Dark blue eyes and black hair

Itarii Riku

An outgoing playboy, he has had affairs around the world. He was searching for the one person that could make him settle down, but has long given up that search. He has stopped looking, ignorant of the fact that he's already found her…he just has to open his eyes.



Dark brown eyes and purple hair