In a sea of forbidden passion

A pool of blood at her feet

She smiles in an unmannerly fashion

She whispered forgotten secrets

To the crimson on the floor

Before she made a feeble attempt

And reached up for the door

Flat on her face she falls

Laughing and crying the same

To weak to get up

Immobilized by the shame

Her vision becoming fainter now

Her mouth was growing dry

Suppressed by lack of will power

Her soul begins to die

Her breathing getting less and less

Her heart beat slowing down

The passion once within her eyes

Was nowhere to be found

A sigh escaped her trembling lips

Her hands starting to shake

Her toes were going numb from pain

Her sanity all that's left to take

The battle between earth and hell unraveled

As Her mind was spinning

Satan whispered in her ear, "I saved a place in hell"

God asked her a simple enough question "who really is winning?"

Her reply was weak, but true to heart

"I cannot take this loneliness, the undying thirst for pain"

God placed a hand on her shoulder

"What would killing yourself leave for you to gain?"

There was no response

The question fell upon deaf ears

God frowned at such a mess

"It's sad to think a wonderful girl would think that no one cares"

AN: yea I know I never do author notes, but I felt with this one I had to. It's funny because I wrote this 330am last night, I woke up having a similar dream like this. Maybe it isn't my greatest poem but then again I was half awake and I wrote it with lipstick lol. R&R please, it makes my day!