Glowing faces

Flickering screen

No one in this world is clean

No one is going to help you

You did it to yourselves

Everybody's laughing, as we burn in hell

We'll never find the answer

There is no final reason

Out of it all there's only us, brutalised godless heathens

Ritual blood sacrifice

Burning your own kin at the stake

Only one is a product of the fear and the hate

Centuries have passed

Nothing sprung to fill the void

Alternative beliefs and time have made you paranoid

We'll tear down the tapestries

Desecrate your halls

We'll even pull up the headstones from your dusty floors

We'll slaughter the congregation

And execute all your priests

Infecting our lives with all your beliefs

We've come down from your spell

You were our opiate

All we're leaving you with is our most personal hate