Dear Valentine

They don't know what I see in you,

They don't know the truth behind my eyes,

Never being able to see past your thick lies,

Telling me shit about you,

About how you aren't good enough for me,

About how you treat me badly,

About how you talk about me,

What they don't see is the love I feel for you,

Trying to change your mind about me,

Though I know you do truly like me,

You try to hide your truths from me,

Lies of thick black snow,

Dripping the melting blood of my heart,

Showing how I can love an ass like you,

You who lies through gritted teeth,

Smothering me in blackness,

Showing how I tolerate people,

Ignoring me most of the time,

Then talking like nothing else,

How numb can my heart be,

Makes me think up lies to save myself,

The I accidentally told you my true feelings towards you,

And you didn't even figure it out,

Like your heart is making you as numb as mine,

Just talking about you makes me spaz,

Shake like crazy,

To the point I can't handle it anymore,

Asking you to stop the shaking,

You don't know what to say,

You never do,

Answers are always "I don't know",

As if it would satisfy me,

I Guess all I'm trying to say is:

Dear Valentine,

I love you,

Despite all the odds of lies,

I can't stop this thought,

Of you and me,

Always forever,

Even though it never was,

And probably never will be.

Love Always,