When they called me a rebel.

I lead the fight.

I lead it for what I believe, not what I'm told to do.

I stand up strong!

I shout out loud what I think is right.

This is my battle.

This is the battle of hundreds.

They all follow me,

So why am I called a rebel?

I fight the good fight.

I fight with all that's in me.

And yet they still push me back down.

They call me rebel,

They call me it as if I have no pride.

But it is with nothing but pride that I do this!

I push for a revolution!

I do lead a rebellion,

But I do it proudly.

I hope you understand the virtues of change.

I hope that you too will fight for what you believe.

I hope that you can lead a revolution for the better.

I know that you can fight the good fight.

So do it.