The World

The world is such a sick and twisted place

It's amazing how we've altered the human race

In the night I sit

And wonder if I fit

They say I'm jaded and depressed

That my life is a giant mess

But fuck all they have to say

This is a horrible place and I don't wish to stay

The things people do

The things people say

Makes me wonder why anyone would want to stay

The people here are always the same

They say there's always tomorrow

I am proof that's not true

For tomorrow only comes but so many times

And the destiny I've chosen is finally mine

People suck

It must be sad for such words to be so easily admitted

For people to be so east twisted

But it's all true

And even harder to deny

For what I write is no lie

But in so many ways it's funny

How a day can be so undeniably sunny

And people will never change

People are evil and we all know this to be true

For I hate you

And I know you hate me too

This world should burn for what we've done to it