by: trista groulx

I'm sorry I'm not perfect
But no one is, last time I checked
I know what I am
and I know what I'm not
But you don't need to remind
of what I am not
Every word that comes out of my mouth
is somehow wrong
Even my thoughts are somehow wrong
I'm sorry if I didn't some you didn't like
What did I do wrong?
What did I do to deserve this?
That you are punishing me for
everything that I do
Only this does not feel like punishment
This feeling like living torture
I am sorry I'm not
who you think I am
I'm sorry my ambitions are not
what you expected
But this is my life to live
Don't punish me for who I am
nor what I am doing
All I'm doing is taking a different path
My friends are the same
My attitude is the same
I'm just growing up
My way is the denser forest
It's not more dangerous
It's just not the same
I'm sorry I'm not
what you want me to be
But please free me
from the shackles
and let me fly away

a/n: this is old and was written either for my sister, my 'rents or a friend in high school