The Locked Door

"I gotta get outta here! Somebody unlock this fuckin' door!" I scream at the top of my lungs. The door was made out of solid steel, but it was rusting; eventually, I will get out. I want out; I've been trapped in here too long. I need to be out; it's so much fun on the outside.
The last time I was out was great; I was able to do so much. The blood, so much that I could literally slither around in it. The only thing I have in here are my memories. But those memories are so sweet.
That last family provided enough thrills to last a while, but it's been so long, the memories are fading. I can remember the man, woman, and little boy, but the girl and the older boy are completely gone. The others are still so vivid. I can almost smell the coppery scent of blood just thinking about it.
The little boy's head had come off even easier than I'd hoped; one little slice and a quick yank. That was when his mother, who'd been screaming through the whole exciting event, passed out. The boy's father was a little harder to impress; he was still conscious when I cut the little fucker's spine out and tied it around my neck with a Windsor knot.
The mother, Jessica or Jacky or something like that, was more fun. I had to wake her, and her husband, up a few times as I disemboweled her. She took her last breath when I pulled out her kidney with my bare hand.
The man, I think Gary was his name, was a blast. Not a blast, really, more like a ticker tape parade. Using a paring knife I'd found in the kitchen, I pealed strips of flesh off his chest and legs and threw them in the air and against the wall. Then I individually cut off his fingers and toes. He died sometime during the first hand, but I didn't let that stop my fun.
I undressed and rolled around on the bed with the deceased family; God, we had such a good time. There were others before them, but I don't remember much about them. Occasionally, I'll see glimpses of faces or scenes in my mind but I can't put all the pieces together.
I can do it all again if I can only get out of here. "I gotta get outta here! Somebody unlock this fuckin' door!" I slam my body against the door; for the first time in nearly ten years, the door shook.
"Jesus, not again." Joe, the orderly, looked over at his partner, Alan, and pointed up at a video monitor. A man in hospital green pajamas was in his room shouting silently at no one.
"Rock, paper, scissors?" Alan put out a fist, Joe added his. They shook their fists as Alan counted. "One, two, three."
Joe dropped scissors, Alan threw out the rock. "Damn." He stood up and grabbed the ring of keys off the nail next a bank of video monitors.
"Better take the sedative, he's gonna need it."
Joe nodded and unlocked the narcotics cabinet. He took out a pre-made auto-inject syringe filled with Demoral, slipped it into the pocket of his lab coat, and left the office. He walked down the hall, passing several maximum security rooms on either side.
Without even looking at the names marked on a paper beside the door, he stopped in front of the door of Michael Stone's padded cell. He could hear the muffled screams coming from behind the door. He unlocked and opened the door. The patient was sitting on the floor, rocking, his back and his head thumping into the padded wall.
"I can't let you out!" Michael yelled. "I won't let you out!"
"Everything's gonna be alright, Mr. Stone." Joe took the sedative out of his pocket. Michael looked up at him with his hands covering his ears.
He closed his eyes and shook his head rapidly back and forth. "Oh God, no! He's getting stronger! I won't be able to hold him!" He pushed with his feet, sliding across the floor against the wall, until he was backed into the corner.
"Now, now, you're just gonna go to sleep for a little while. When you wake up, everything will be okay."
"No, you don't understand."
"Just hold still." Joe walked cautiously over and injected the Demoral into Michael Stone.
"You don't understand," he said as he fell asleep.
The door is barely hanging on. One more shot should do it. I crash into the door and break through. "I'm free!"
All I have to do now is wait for Michael to wake up and the fun can start again.