The Aftermath

All those times

Sitting here

Waiting for facades to disappear

I want to see

If there's anyone

Who really loves me

There's no reason

Standing in this solitude

I should give in to you

Hiding the remnants of last night

Sitting up to hear the fight

I came to you

You promised I'd be all right

I sit here dying now in spite

While I wait

Is there anything now

That can stop my growing hate

The most painful thing to feel

When you told me love was real

How could you have thrown it down the drain

Why did I give in to all the pain?

Why are you still here with me

When I've lost myself finally

When the last glass broke

My safety net destroyed

I stopped caring in degrees

Your voice destroyed me like disease

I couldn't feel, I couldn't see

All I knew was you wanted me

But if I still care, more than you

I'll still know there's something inside

Something within me hasn't died

Somewhere frozen, my free will

One part of me you didn't kill

With my soul, my life, my heart

I let you burn

I scream to you know beneath the urn

Perhaps I'm alive, but all I know

Is the last day I left myself go

I pride myself now that I'm still here

Sitting up and waiting in fear

Watching you

Knowing you let me die

I wanted to know why

You laughed when you heard me cry

You took everything that was mine

Keep promising I'd be all right

You're the reason I don't sleep at night

They watch me, condescending stares

Yet I cease to be aware

I have no chance with anyone

I'm dead by association

Hence my hesitation

To go crying back to you

Though it's the last thing I can do