Yet Another Blind Date By:Andrew Troy KeIler

You know,I've been on so many blind dates that I'm starting to loose interest in the thing called romance,but that was before the Sixth day of February,when one of my work buddies had talked me into going on yet another blind date with an old friend of his from high-school.

Well anyway,here I was walking up to the lady's apartment door and thinking that I was about to go on another disasterous date,until I've knocked on the door,took a deep breath and hope for the best.

Just then,after the door had opened,my bottom jaw had suddenly dropped down into the Tenth level of Hell,because I've discovered that my work buddy's old high-school pal looked more like she should more likely be a centerfold inside Playboy magazine.

Anyway,after I had finally snapped myself out of it and introduced myself as John Halbrook,she had told me that her name was Janet Houseman and that she had the same problem with blind dates as I had.

So,after we've shared a small chuckle between us and discovered that this blind date just might work out after all,both Janet and I had decided to go to some place special on our first date.

And with that,after we've walked into the chiense restaraunt and spotted my work buddy sitting at one of the tables,we've wrapped our arms around each other and gave ourselves a big kiss on the lips,teaching him a lesson about sending us on disasterous blind dates.