Dear Mr. So-and-so, I have something to say to you.
The telephone stopped ringing some days ago.
I saw Mom cut it; she didn't see me, though.
She just told me to talk, she didn't say to who.

No one but the aeroplanes even tell me anything.
All they'll write is He Is Dead, but who is He?
All Mommy says is that he used to know me.
And I'm confused by things people started to bring.

White flowers, black gloves, I think someone even had a dove.
Everyone tells me "It's just better this way."
No one tells me who is He? And every day
Someone tells me I have their deepest "heartfelt love."

But Mr. So-and-so, I never wanted sympathies.
If someone stopped the confusing actions,
And if they'd take away all the distractions,
Would they tell me who He is? Should I beg and plead?

Dear Mr. So-and-so, yesterday Mommy said what's wrong.
I told her she was lying, she says that's why
She didn't say. I forget how much I cried.
Dear Mr. So-and-so, Mommy says Daddy's gone.