Everyone is just so ridiculous:

catty, abrasive girls
swaying their hips to the song in their heads;

ape-like, shouting boys
thinking they are men because they can "insult" another;

the children who want to be eighteen
and the mothers who want to be eighteen;

They are all members of our somehow real society--
our civilized murderers
of both art and life.

All have forgotten the art of living;
they have lost their souls in the dishwasher with
detergent for sparkling dishes.
We devour the dead flesh;
forgetting the fight for survival
of days long gone.

We have advanced since those times.
Now we have the luxury of time, time to create
that which we couldn't before.
We made civilization,
and now we are somehow bettered with our civilized manners.
Being civilized somehow lost the part
where we are supposed to be civil--
Our civilization destroys us.