Is There a Chance?

Is there a chance left in the world?

Could you maybe look my way?


I lost him to her

Now I've lost you the same way


Could you take me in your arms?

Could you whisper "it's all right"?

Would you look at me

And truly see me?

Will you ever want me as more than

A friend?

A good friend

Always there for you

I'm never caught when I fall

I land, and I gain many cuts and bruises

I may be hurt

I may be scarred

But if you fall

I'm here toshield you fromthe shards

The needles of heartbreak

For you can use me to break your own fall

I don't care

I'm used to it by now

But it would be lovely

To be lent your hand

So that I may be lifted up

Into your loving arms

Your warm embrace

And I could stay


Is there the slightest chance

Of one drawn-out slow dance?

Could there ever be

A "you and me"?