I've laid my feelings at your feet
All right, I'm spent, you've won again
Cut my finger off to trace these letters just for you
Bleeding blue
Fading through
Your warm fa├žade

Beaten at the game I taught you how to play
Exsanguinate my heart, I'm too numb to feel
Fairy tales were falsified
Eviscerate my mind
The nightmares never change

You decorated hell and made it more like home
Before you shoved me in and locked the door
Walked away, and never knew the mess you made
I extinguished everything myself
I made it out and never once did call for help
But left that part of me behind

You picked my shredded heart up off the street
Smashed into a thousand pieces by some truck
Glued it all right back together, bought me scar remover
Track me down
Perhaps you've come around
Returned my mended life right back to me

Bought your words for 99 cents at the dollar store
Pasted them on your pre-made valentine
Because you knew I hated hallmark cards
Now I'm bemused
And you've been used
Perhaps the tables have been turned

The difference is that now I'm numb to all your burns.