I Once Had A Friend by writerforever

Me and you, my funny friend and me, that's what I used to refer to me and my best friend. All my life I had never found that one friend who was the best friend in the world, the kind that we all want and pray for. The perfect friend is the one who is always there for you, a perfect friend is the one that comforts you when you are sad, the perfect friend is the one that doesn't care who you are. Sure, no one is perfect but sometimes we're blessed to have people in our lives that seem perfect to us. I had a friend like that. He was the best friend I'd ever had.

Before he showed up at our little country church I had given up on ever finding that one friend, a friend that could be kind of like a brother to me. I'd prayed and asked God, if it be His will, to please send me a friend. All the friends I had had in the past only used me. They just wanted to be my friend because I had a big pool, computer and internet. They never just wanted to be my friend, they wanted to be my friend only because of the things I had at my house. But then God answered my prayers and sent me a good friend. He and I got acquainted and we hung out and did a lot of fun stuff. He'd come to my house all the time and pretty soon it was like I had an adopted brother. Through the months that I knew him my life was happy. I had never had a good friend before and I was so glad to finally have someone to talk to and to hang out with. Since I home schooled I didn't have any friends really.

My new friend was kind to me and he wanted to be my friend just because he wanted to be my friend. He didn't want to be my friend just because I had a big house and lots of neat things. His mom was divorced and she married a member at our church and so him and his mom started coming out to our church, although his mom had a different doctrine than us.

One time my family and I went to a church revival down in a place called Elizabethtown, Kentucky. I decided to invite my new friend to come along with us. Of course he was excited to come. On that trip we had so much fun! At night we would sit up late and talk and talk about God, places we wanted to see, and girlfriends, and where we wanted our first kiss to take place, perhaps to many people we talked about silly things but it wasn't silly to us. We had so much in common and it's hard to find a friend that is almost just exactly like you. I felt blessed to have met such a friend.

When we arrived at the church revival in Elizabethtown, my family and I checked out at a motel where we would be staying all week. The church revival was taking place just a few minutes from the motel. Every night after the church service me and my friend would go over to a Jerry's restaurant that was next to the motel and we would each get a strawberry sundae and we would laugh and talk for a long time. That week was a memorable one. We were both sad to see the week end.

Even after that week at the church revival we continued to hang out. He told me once that I was the best friend he'd ever had. Little did we know that that was all about to change.

One day my new friend invited me to come over to his house. We lived just a few minutes from each other so my dad took me up there. When I arrived I went inside and upstairs where my new friend sat playing his X-box. When he saw me he turned it off and we went and got some hot chocolate and went downstairs to watch a movie. After the movie was over my friend started asking me stuff about religion and what I believed about God and different things. I had become a Christian only a few months ago and I was surprised my friend was asking me stuff. But he wasn't a Christian and he said he wanted to become one. He started telling about the doctrine his mom believed and how she didn't believe the same way as my church. Then he asked me what I thought about it. I told him what I thought about his mom's doctrine and he agreed with me and said he thought his mom's doctrine was wrong.. After that long talk we decided to go outside for awhile.

After that talk things started going down hill on a cold day in January. My family and I got up that morning and went to the little country church that my Uncle pastured. We had been going there for years and years. I loved that little old church and some precious memories were there. After the morning church service I went outside and stood on the porch along with some other teenagers that went to the church. My new friend came outside and he began talking to all of the other teenagers but never said anything to me. I figured he just didn't want to talk or something. But then he kept ignoring me every time I would see him. He wouldn't speak to me.

But there was this one day he invited me over and he told me what was going on with his mom and stuff and that she was threatening to leave our church. He said "Let's promise that no matter what happens we'll stay the best of friends forever, even if we aren't allowed to see each other or speak." So it was there in his room that we made an oath to remain best friends forever.

But one Sunday morning him and his mom didn't show up at church. We all soon found out that they had went off to another church. But that Sunday night they showed up. Not much was said about it but things did start getting bad. My friend's step dad told someone that my friend's mom didn't want her son to believe the way our church did. She also said she didn't want anyone brainwashing him. She was exaggerating things of course and the plain and simple truth was she just didn't like our church and she was trying to make up an excuse to where she wouldn't have to come. The funny thing is she claimed to be a Christian.Some people can be bitter and have bad feelings towards others and it hurts peoples' feelings and sometimes just over a doctrine. I'd like to state right here and now that it doesn't matter what kind of doctrine or beliefs you have. ALL that matters is if you've got Jesus in your heart and that you have a personal relationship with Him. That's all that matters, but of course my friend's mom didn't want to hear that. She was stubborn and set in her ways.

After that outburst my friend no longer had anything to do with me. At church I would see him and he would look at me as if he was hurt and it was like he really wanted to talk to me but he wasn't allowed. My heart was broken by the events that took place. For once in my life I had found a best friend and in just a few months I lost him all because of his mother's prejudice. She turned him against me and everyone at our church. He and I no longer talked or hung out. I rarely saw him and once again I was alone without a friend. I don't think I've ever felt such hurt and pain in my heart before. Every time I see him now it brings back that never ending pain and broken heart because I know that I have lost a very good friend, my only best friend.

But in those times when I'm sad and lonely, in the quiet time of evening, I reminisce about the good times my friend and I had. They are memories that are very precious to me. And I remember the oath my friend and I made and I know that no matter what we will always be the best of friends. And Icling to the hopethat one day we'll be able toseeand talk to one another and things will be back like they used to be.

Friends are so important to me and I cherish each and everyone. But I always like to think of that time when I once had a best friend, the best friend in the whole world. . .

I know that this isn't much but I just had to write it down and get it out of my mind and onto paper. And to those of you who have a best friend, please don't take them for granted. Thank God each and every day for them because in only a matter of seconds you could lose that best friend. -writerforever