Some Dreams come True

She sat hidden behind a rock. She trembled with fear. It was all so confusing. She hid for the unknown, though it was all vaguely familiar. The trees rustled softly in the night's breeze. The wind was chill and she pulled her coat closer around her. She had been crouching here for more than half an hour, but for what was a mystery to her. She just sat there. Another half-hour by. She wanted to walk away, but someone, something, made her sit still and wait for an unknown destiny. Footsteps were suddenly heard. She turned her head around and saw a man coming her way. He walked with a slow, sliding pace. It was more like he floated then that his feet walked on the dark green grass. The full moon suddenly appeared from behind the clouds. His face was lighted and she let out a small gasp. The face, the long and gaunt face, was nearly white in the pale light of the moon. His filthy hair hung in rags around his face. His eyes were black and emotionless. She wanted to move, to run away from the man, but her body didn't obey her anymore. She had to sit still and wait. The man came closer. She heard him breath in the silent air. She was unable to move and speak, but she wanted to scream out loud. He took a long knife out of his pocket. The knife reflected her fearful face in the moonlight. He was now close. So close she could have touched his face if she wanted to. He drew his face closer to hers. "I found you," he mumbled. He lifted his knife. She screamed.

"Sweetheart are you okay?" a deep man's voice said. Mira looked up. The morning light shone bright through her window and she heard children laugh on the street below.

"Sort of dad. I had that nightmare again," she grunted. She lifted herself from his arms and looked around. Her sheets laid on the ground and her pillow laid in a distant corner of the bedroom.

"You really should do something about it. It scares me every night again," Mira's dad said.

"I told you already, it's just a nightmare, nothing more," the teen complained. Her dad stood up.

"Very well," he said. He walked to the door, carefully watching to step over the stuff on the floor. "Just get ready for school today then. I already made your lunch."

"Thanks dad," Mira answered. She got dressed and ate her breakfast at top speed. Her old friend, Yoram, would come to school again today. He had an accident with a car half a year ago. It took him ages to recover, and today was his first day at school. Mira walked to school and when to bell rang, she was the first one in class. Yoram stood nervously behind the teacher's desk. Mira noticed a strange woman in a nurse outfit standing next to him. It wasn't his mother, she knew that. She shrugged. Probably an aunt or something. He had very busy parents and they probably weren't able to join with their son's first schoolday. Mira waved at Yoram and he smiled back. It seemed like ages before all the others were in as well and the teacher took place behind his desk. "Class, before we start with our usual lessons, I would like to welcome an old student and friend," he said. The boy blushed. The other students welcomed him told him they missed him. The woman whispered something in the teacher's ear and then left the room. Then Yoram took place next to her. They smiled.

The lessons seemed endless, but when finally the bell rang, they jumped up and walked as fast as they could to the playground. They sat at their usual place in the corner of the field. Many more friends joined them and they talked out loud about how much they had missed Yoram and what had happen.

"…And when she found out that I'd hidden her papers in the bin she totally freaked!" a boy with red hair and an upturned nose said proud. They laughed.

"You really missed at lot," a blond girl said.

"Like when we put itching powder in tha pants o' Ray. Too bad ya missed his face!" another one laughed.

"I guess we have to do it again then," the blond girl snickered.

Mira laughed. Suddenly she saw from the corner of her eye that the woman from the classroom stood in another corner of the playground. Her bright ice blue eyes stared at the group of friends, or more at him. Mira shivered and turned around.

"Say, who is that woman over there actually?" she asked Yoram.

"Oh, she's my nurse. The doctors say I still need a little observation, but why I don't know. My parents only told me that I had to live with the nurse for a while. They left to Italy for two weeks," he told her. It explained why his parents hadn't come with him to school, though she didn't fell any better, for the face of the woman was harsh and her eyes didn't look friendly. And why would he need observation?

"Should we play hide and seek?" one of the boys said. The others shook their heads, but Yoram cheered.

"I didn't know you liked that," Mira said.

"Well, let's just say I have a lot of strange moods lately," he smiled. There was something different about his smile. His eyes didn't shine as they used to, but Mira didn't notice. She shrugged.

"Oké, because it's you. But, you have to seek," she said. He agreed and closed his eyes. He slowly began to count. The others ran away, cheering and laughing. Mira ran to the far corner of the school and hid behind a small wall. She giggled. He would never found her here. She sat still and waited. Half an hour passed. She still sat there, crouching behind the wall. She heard exited yells. The others must have already been found. She sighed. He'd better find her soon. Her legs began to hurt of the crouching. Another half-hour passed by. Suddenly, footsteps were heard. She turned her head around and saw Yoram coming her way. He walked with a slow, sliding pace. She let out a little gasp. His face was no more laughing and bright, but pale, even in the orange rays on the sun. His hair hung in front of his face, but he didn't seem to care. His eyes were black and emotionless. She wanted to run away, but his eyes commanded her to sit still. He came closer. She heard him breath in the suddenly silent air. She wanted to scream, but was to shocked to do so. He came closer. He took a long knife out of his pocket. The reflection of the sunlight blinded her. When she opened her eyes, his head was nearly nose to nose with hers. "I found you," he mumbled. He lifted his knife. She screamed, for the last time.


A/N: Yup people, I've written a horror story. Pretty strange though, as I don't like horror at all. Scary....anyway, thaks for the review keep.breathing! Maybe you can add this in your research paper! As a kind of intro.