Angel of the Morning

They had loved each other. They did when young, and still did when older. They were a happy couple. He sat against the tree, she laid down with her head of golden hair in his lap. They sat together under the great Oak, talking like a merry pair does. Giggling and blushing. It was all like a fairytale. But time passed, and time is the most destructive force of them all.

When the Oak, under which they spend so many happy hours, had grown ancient, she had become old as well. And when the leafs left the tree in Autumn for the last time, she had said her last words.

He mourned over her body and grave and wore black in last memory of her. He grieved that her time had passed so quickly. That they would never be together again.

Month passed and people moved on, but he didn't. He sat in his old chair, staring at a picture of them under the great Oak. He barely came out and lost contact with everyone. On a certain moment, he was so alone that it took them four days to find out he had died.

He walked trough a magnificent gate, decorated with gold, silver and the most beautiful pure white roses. He gazed up and saw the sun in all her golden splendour and the air as blue as it can be. He moved on, and then came to a place like he had never seen before. It looked most like an ancient roman theatre, but the place where the stage was, was now filled with a deep, green blue lake. Around him were people, in all shapes and sizes. Some walking, others in strange clothing and some who flew in the cloudless sky. He stared amazed at the sight of this wonder. Then, suddenly, he was brutal awaken of this sight by a hand, tapping on his shoulder. He turned around and saw a young man behind him. He smiled.

"Welcome," the young man said.

"Where am I?" he asked. A smile was the youth's answer.

"You know where you are,"the ladsaid.

He smiled back. Yes, he did know. He followed the young man to a house. It was a cottage more, though very wealthy. The walls were made of a yellow brick and were decorated with flowery plants from the bushes. It was a lovely sight, and he stood still to look. The lad smiled.

"Rest here. You must feel weary of the journey," he spoke. The man walked inside and saw that the house was bigger then it seemed. He lay down on the soft bed. He closed his eyes for a moment to enjoy the silkiness of the sheets. When he opened them again, he saw that the youth had gone. He thought of searching him, but he suddenly noticed how tired he was, and within moments, he fell in a deep sleep.

A woman flew through the air. An angel. Her hair shone bright like the rays of the Sun. Her long white dress moved freely in the morning's breeze. She flew up slowly, her hair shining ever brighter, until she had reach the highest point. There, she flew off, leaving the rays of her hair behind. Leaving the Sun behind.

He woke up of an orange light shining in the cottage. Wondering where it came from, he stood up and walked outside. He stood still on his doorstep, gazing up into the sky. The dawn on the grass looked like diamonds in the splendour of the light from the sky. A woman flew through the air. Her hair shone bright like the rays of the Sun. Slowly moving up, the light grew brighter. Then, on the highest point, she flew away from the light, leaving the sun behind. In the middle of her flight, she suddenly stopped. She looked down at him. Then she smiled and flew off, her golden hairs fluttering in the morning's breeze.


keep.breathing: No, this wasn't of a dream, more do you put it? A kinda vision sortlike. I just suddenly had that idea, and I used the movie 'when dreams may come' for the scenery. Tanks for the compliments by the way!

Smeagol Fasir Kenobi: Tanks! But just between you and me: the simplicity of the words was not on purpose, I just don't know that many difficult words. ;-)