Last Farewell

He just stood there, in the darkness. The light of the moon made his face look even paler than it did in plane sunlight.

"Why?" he suddenly asked, with his eyes still fixed on the bright full moon. She looked at him, but could not find the right words to explain, like his powers had taken her voice away.

"Why?" his soft and cold voice whispered again. She looked down to the ground, for she didn't dare to look at him, afraid to confront him with the answer. There was a silence. The only sounds heard were from the last remains of the spring festival, not so far away. Only a short while ago, she had been amongst those people on the party, not knowing what would happen. "

What are you thinking of?" a voice asked. She looked sideways and saw that he no longer stood on the ridge, but had walked over to her.

"Nothing," she lied. She tried to avoid his sharp blue eyes, and turned her head away. He looked worried at her. He laid his hand on her shoulder. She quickly pulled her shoulder back and walked to the ridge he had stood just a minute ago. She gazed at the moon, trying to avoid his eyes. He made a small noise and his hand moved like it wanted to pull her back, but he could not find the strength and courage to do so. She gave him a small glance over shoulder. She saw what he wanted, but ignored it. Deep inside she wanted to run to him, but the memory of the past made her stand still. She looked at the moon again. His face was full with disappointment.

"So," she heard his voice from behind. "If this is your decision, then I will accept it," he spoke with an empty voice. She clenched her fists in order to control herself from running to him. The Spring Festival had ended and for a while, nothing was heard except for the rustling of the leafs in the night's breeze. Then she heard footsteps. Though the grass made only very little sound by the touch of his feet, she could still hear him move to the Woods.

"Are you sure this is what you want?" he asked hollow. "No. I am not," her mind said, but she forced her lips to speak different.

"Yes," her answer was. She heard no more reply. His footsteps moved to the Woods, until the silence fell over the plain again. A tear rolled over her cheek. She had made the right decision. Did she? Pictures of the past flashed through her head. All showed herself, with him close to her, together. Did she really make the right decision? "No," a voice in her head said. "But it is now to late. He is gone." Her body began to shake. More tears ran over her cheeks. She fell trebling on her knees. The light of the moon shone on her pale body. She began to cry. She suddenly felt so empty. So alone. She dried her tears and looked around. Then she realised that she really was alone, all alone.