I dream of a sea of blue.

Black mist above it.

Who is this?

I feel naked.

I keep swimming never reaching the end.

The rain never falls,

Just black,

I go under, please let me come back up.

Slippery hands caress my neck,

No air reaches me,

Just the water, only the water.

I lose myself to the rhythm of the sea.

Now my only home.

My eyes opened,

Limitless, an expanse of no reason,

I laugh and sing,

No one to care what I sound like.

An out of tune harp,

That can serenade the sea,

As it doesn't care,

It just loves the sound of the joyful sea.

Happiness fills me,

But I start rising,

Back towards the black mist,

Please let me go back down.

I wake up in my bed,

Let me go back,

No more energy to cry,

Just lie there and pray for you dream world to return.