I'll Look For You

The forest of fears closed in
Feeding upon my lies and sin
Drinking my souls dimming light
Leaving me in a demon's night

Alone, so alone was I
Within the forest I did lie
Waiting for the freedom of death
My final hour, my final breath

You came to me, you held my hand
Guiding me out of the pain filled land
Helping me up whenever I fell
Saving me from my custom made hell

Your love helped me find
a way to defeat the demons of my mind
When I was alone, you were there
When I cried, you were there
When I bled, you were there
When I needed you,
You were there

To this day you stand by me
Promising to help me See
The beauty of God's divine wish
The things my pain caused me to miss

Hand in hand we face
The beauties and torments of this place
Made strong by eternal love
And the promise of words from above

Love lasts forever, on beyond death
Lingering beyond life's final, dying breath
Together forever, you and I
I will look for you where Angels fly