The first poem we had to write for poetry class: a classic "where I'm from" poem. I kind like it. A lot of these things wouldn't make sense unless you were me so don't worry. The title and the last line of each stanza correlate, and I think it's cool.

I am from tick-infested backyards
with skulls and sand.
I am from plane rides
for a few short hours.
I am from warm concrete sidewalks to huddle on in the rain
and dirt roads.
I am from blue carpets, purple lady curtains
and one blue wall.
I am from above-ground swimming pools
that turn green in the fall.
And crab apple trees
that are climbed on constantly.
I am from twelve hour drives
to see grandmas that live next door to each other.
I am from a highway a few feet away
that I never did hear.
I am from walking to school, running from little dogs
and talking to giant rocks.
I am from free goldfish
that change color and live for years.
I am from reinforced steel.

I am from imaginary games
that never ended, and drove parents wild.
I am from the Way Back
where the tire-swing once hung.
I am from seeing pet peacocks
and trying to find gnomes while scared in the dark.
I am from new beginnings
across town.
I am from walking to school through the woods,
skating on the pond and climbing fallen trees.
I am from cats and kittens,
with a dog thrown in as well.
I am from a basement room
where the curtains freeze to the window.
I am from exhaustion and sleep
with too much homework to accomplish.
I am from nail-biting, butterfly stomachs
And dry-heaving tears.
I am from itchy chlorine pools
Fancy suits, gelatin hair
and lots of makeup.
I am from pressure-treated wood

I am from friends hiding wrists
and learning not be disappointed.
I am from sympathy and compassion
drowned out by frustrations, anger and guilt.
I am from ties being broken
only to be reformed differently
I am from bottle kingdoms in Spanish, Under the World in gym
and passing notes all day long.
I am from "rusted oven", "Viking funerals" and many other inside jokes.
I am from pure insanity.
I am from a family where the only thing broken
is the silence when one of us bursts into song.
I am from kitchen tangos and cabinet stretches
I am from homemade plays that are still hilarious
and childhood videos that are proof;
I am from happy origins
with fortunate endings.
I am from trying friendships
and hollow victories.
I am from sunshine and ice
two-way mirrors, tarnished silver
porcupine quills and crinkled masks.
I am from a kaleidoscope
Of brilliance and joy
(With a little sorrow mixed in)
I am from shatterproof glass.