Blue Skies

It was a dark room with nothing but dark walls and dark corners. There was a dim light glowing in the middle, but of course it was nothing. The figure is hunched in the corner again, it doesn't matter, none of it does. Nothing has changed since the last time they came. A scream barely heard as a whisper comes from nowhere. They all run off in search of nothing, that's what they always do. The figure shifts as if in discomfort but then freeze, it's all nothing. A flash of what was strikes the figure but then is all gone all vanished to nothing. A flicker of movement, the figure is in the light, hollow features and ghostly skin radiate under the blaze. What once was something has turned to nothing.

Shuffling to the far wall the figure finds pure darkness, nothing. The whole room is nothing. The figure looks up, where the sky once was, there is nothing, only nothing. Days pass before it knows what it must do, weeks before it gathers the strength.

The figure reaches for nothing on the wall, yet it finds something, and hoists itself up, beginning the journey. The climb heightened and gained more sense. Months go by, but still it continues, the ledge is now in sight, right where it always was. There is a small feeling of emptiness, a hand reaches the ledge, the void disappears.

The figure sits on the edge, her head is buzzing, discomfort shoots through her, but is quickly lost. Blue skies reach out to grab her but she shoves herself off. The plummet begins, a fall from blue skies to nothing. The figure is swallowed by darkness again, it prays for an end. But as it floats back down, the light flickers and it's nothing.