I'm not crying, these aren't tears

They're just prayers no god ever hears.

And I'm not writing this, it isn't real

It's nothing that I'd ever feel

I only do what he commands

It's his spirit, using my hands

Don't feel bad, don't say you're sorry

It's ok, it's not happening to me

It's him who's angry, him who yells

It's ok because it's happening to somebody else.

Don't worry these tears aren't mine

When it's somebody else it's always fine

I'm alright I don't need help from you

Stay away, there's nothing you need to do

Because this isn't weakness, and these aren't fears

I'm not crying, and these aren't tears.

A/N: 2-07-05. Originally about how it feels to be possessed, but turned into a poem about denial... see if you can find exactly which line it switches on! r/r