I took a walk in the park and I saw a flower so I picked it and I picked it up, and then I smelled it and realized I had just murdered a living organism. Well, now, I'm not a vegetarian or anything, but that's sort of scary, being a murderer. I hate spiders, I absolutely loathe them; they make me shiver and go into slight convulsions. But as much as I hate them, I can't bring myself to kill them because that spider down there might be a father to a million children, bringing home the bacon, and even though there ARE a bazillion spiders in this world, that one spider mattered. The same applies to ants, only ants aren't that bad. I wish hunters would think about this before they went out and hunted. Before thinking, "Oh, hey, it's a doe! I can shoot it, and we can have some tasy veal for dinner tonight, y'all! And maybe I can sell some of the extra and make a profit! And that doeskin can be used, too, for a coat, and blah blah." I wish they'd consider that the doe they're about to shoot could be a mother of three little deer who need her. I'd sure be upset if some powerful alien creature shot my mother, when she'd never done anything to them, AND she was defenseless. That's just not fair. And then there're fish. No offense to them, but to me, fish are unappealing and, for the most part, rather ugly. But no matter how ugly, they probably have families, and friends, and lives beyond what we could ever imagine. It's just, we people don't realize it because, HEY! we're not fish, we most likely never have been, and we never will be.

However, I DO realize that it's all a part of nature for animals to kill one another and eat them. I mean, c'mon, humans are omnivores. We're meant to eat plants AND animal flesh. And NO, human's aren't BAD. We're doing what we have to do to live. Sure, we're a little ignorant, but that's okay. Every species, I'm sure, is a little ignorant. God created us this way--so maybe we don't have natural instincts, but that's because we didn't grow up exposed to plenty of nature--we are in the midst of technology. We can't look back now; we're already in too deep.

Nobody's the same; we were all created differently, yet somehow equal. There's no perfect human being. What one person is lacking in, another compensates for by being exceedingly talented in that area. That's how our world works. We're not all meant to do the same thing. . . . Yet, aren't we all striving to be the same person? Think about it. Now, I know there are a million different social groups. There are the preps, the Goths, bandos, punks, drama people, nerds, unclassified people. It could go on forever. But what's everyone's chief goal in life? Well, for sure, it's not to fail. So then, it's to succeed. It's to be the best. To be remembered. For some, it's not to be noticed, but in trying to avoid being surpassed, one could stoop so low as to be noticed. Sort of hard to grasp, I know. But we're all trying to be the same person, more or less--the successful one. We're all screaming for attention.

Now, wouldn't this apply to animals, too? At a first glance, they all look relatively the same, as it is with people. Like cats. You could have a million cats, and they may all be Siamesse cats. They might all look the same. Same markings. And someone who doesn't really care would just look at them and walk on. Like a cat-hater. But someone who cares would spend time with the cats and realize that each one has a different personality. While most Siamese cats are tricky and sneaky, there might be one really sweet one who warms up right away. And one who's really shy, but just needs extra attention. See, animals are like this, too. They're expecially significant.

And a ton of people doesn't realize that. These people don't have the time to observe it. They're out there, killing animals and just observing that every one is the same.

And while they are all striving for subtle differences, we humans are all colliding into one person. Notice that most people you see on the streets are wearing the latest styles, like Ugg slip-ons, or fluffy things, or perhaps Eagles and Patriots merchandise because the times are changing and we're moving on in styles. In a way, we are evolving.

This doesn't happen to the animals. They, for one, don't wear clothes. Their attitudes don't change. They don't have politics. They're not fancier or more modern than they were before (With the exception of hybrids). A cat from the early twentieth century isn't going to be more polite or regal than a cat from today. Sure, he or she will have his or her own personality. But what I'm tying to say is that a cat's mannerisms haven't changed over a course of a million years, while humans are quite flighty. We've gone through a million styles in a single century. And we're populating the whole world; now we've got no universal "style." We never have. Yet we all strive for perfection; we all strive for success.

But you know what I think? I think that it's just taking us all longer to evolve than most animals. I think that eventually, one day, there will be a sudden realization, like a new worldwide trend, and it'll click in everyone's brains, and we will all be the same. We'll all be exactly the same person on the surface. We'll still have our own ideas, and our own subtle personalities, but we won't be so preoccupied with looks. Everyone will matter to the humans. Even the spiders that I despise so much.

Guys, I sound hypocritical here writing this. But don't worry; I wasn't trying to write it as a human hate story. It was more of a psychological brain massage. And never fear, I don't plan on going veggie, because I realize the importance of protein in my daily diet. To those vegetarians, God bless your soul because you probably want to save the animals.