I sit down with nothing to do, and I think back on my life. This is thought to be uncommon for one of such a "young age." Usually people don't stop to smell the flowers until they are too old to smell them anyway. I look back on the mistakes I made, some thing that always sticks prominently in ones mind, and realize that it could have been worse. I have cheated at bored games, and at love games, and stolen both energy drinks and hearts. I've experienced maddening pain, and joy so immense it could drive on off the deep end. I am seven-teen, and already I have felt loss unimaginable by most in their thirties. I am but seven-teen and have felt love most will search the world for their entire lives, and never find. I've read books, I've sung songs, I've fell down and bounced back up. One of the most interesting things I've noticed are my philosophical points of view. I will return to this in a moment for now I wish to focus on the aforementioned love. At seven-teen I have found a woman that I would not gripe about spending my life with. My friends I have fallen head over heals, ask no questions, love at first sight, and any other odd metaphor you can think of, in love. This woman makes me happier than any before, which is saying something. At the very thought of her warm, soft, loving lips touching mine, I sometimes begin to tremble. And at fifteen she feels the same toward me. Some "adults" would say that we are growing up too fast. That we should live life as teen-agers for as long as possible! And when they are finished with their speech of enjoying our youth, they mutter to themselves that the youth is wasted on the young. The believe us to take for granted the bodies bestowed upon us, and most of the time they are correct. I have taken this into consideration, and have decided that this whole prospect known as "life" is as simple as a choice. We take something so…easy and turn it into something so very unnecessarily difficult. A choice can be left or right, right or wrong, to be or not to be. All choices are questions to which the correct answer depends on your perception of the world and your point of view on the question itself. It all boils down to a choice. Do I ask her on a date, do I say yes to her proposal?

What a frightening word, proposal. We hear that word and we think of a man on one knee with a diamond ring in hand, requesting the life and unending love for another. Another easy choice made complicated by the question itself. Yes this is a big step, but if the choice is difficult, then perhaps that tells you something. This is will leave for you to decide with your own point of view. Points of view have become warped and maimed by our society. What is considered "Politically correct" today may change tomorrow or yesterday and only matters in the impressionable minds of our old youth. I told you of my love to give you hope to find your own. It may take you a year or ten, you may have found it already, whatever the case don't stop asking. Remember your choices are as simple as yes and no, and as complex as no or yes. Make not life more difficult than need be, for if things are harder than they are, then you won't realize how simple they can be, and already are. Choices, everything is a choice. You chose to pay attention while reading this or not to, you choose to eat those Cheetos sitting in a bean bag chair naked. And you will choose what to do when you leave here. Your point of view, your choice, your life, your way. Make it yours, and make it easy. It's as simply complicated as that.