I miss you, my friend
by: trista groulx

All I want is to cry
For all time I want to cry
But I know I can't do that
I'll have laugh again
I'll have return to normal
But how can I do that?
How can I stop crying?
When I know you're not there?
All I want is to cry
For all of time I want to cry
The world will drown in the tears
I'm always going to remember you
I'm always going to miss you
I may have hardly known you
But you made me shed so many tears
And I think you were my friend
If you had not I wouldn't be crying now
I miss you so much
I cared about you
All I want is to cry
For the rest of time just cry
I'm going to drown the world with tears
All these tear shed for you
I hope you can see this
Wherever you may be

a/n: written for my friend jason 1970-2001, there are days where i still miss him thirty is much too young to die