Chapter One

Demon Lord

The deep ring of the warning bell carried itself through the small village. People scattered to their houses in panic, all but one. A small boy, with red hair and freckles spotting his face and arms, sat on the grass, along the edge of a dark a death-ridden forest. The trees had lost their leaves long ago, leaving only corpses, remains, of a once living place.

"You should not be here." A voice startled the boy, "Did you not hear the bells of warning?"

"I heard them." The small boy replied as he turned to face a much taller, and older man. He wore a black cloak over his shoulders, but kept the hood down, so that his gentle face could be seen to comfort the boy.

"So then why do you still sit here, it is very dangerous along these woods."

"If it is so dangerous." The small boy snapped sharply, "Then why are you here?"

The mans gentle face became very harsh, his once ocean blue eyes turned to a fiery red, "Do not ask such questions, they could get you into much trouble." The man said as he leaned in closer to the boy, "Now, you might want to run back to your mommy, tell her that you were near the forest, but you saw nothing…. Now, are we clear?"

"Y…y…yes." The boy smirked as he slinked away in terror.

The man pulled the cloak over his now calm face, and glided serenely into the woods, disturbing nothing as he passed through the branches of trees. He came to a stop at a clearing, where a still pond rested. The man removed his hood from his head, to reveal his face, which was now, very threatening, and demonic. A crescent scar rode its way down from his ear, to the corner of one of his fiery red eyes. He withdrew a knife, out of a blood red sheath that had been concealed in his cloak. He raised one arm, and then brought the other, that held the knife, to meet it. He pressured the cold steel of the knife to his hand, making a swift downward motion his hand opened up, revealing the red muscle that was almost instantly replaced with blood that poured out and ran down the side of his arm.

"Kyo, you showed yourself." A deep voice spoke from behind the man. "You know that you are never to show yourself to those that…."

"Yes, I know." The man snapped in reply, still facing the pond, "Never show yourself to those that are…to those that are human. Do not worry my friend, the boy will not tell, besides, who would believe him?"

"Have you forgotten? They know of us, they know who we are, what we are. He lives with them now." The other man spoke.

"Who…ah…yes…him, the one who left us…for her?" The man shuttered as he spoke, "Who would have thought that one of our kind, would leave us, for love?"

"He will tell them all!"

"You are forgetting, I am Kyo of the Demon Kaisui clan, he cannot take action on us, he was demoted to the Kaze Clan, they cannot take action that would jeopardize us." Kyo said as he held his hand over the pond, allowing the blood to drip off like red rain, into the still water. "I am a much higher demon then he, as are you, do not fret, I was just having some fun." He brought his hand back to him, and looked down at it with his fiery red eyes, they seemed to strike fear into the wound, for it had sealed itself, leaving nothing, but a red ring of blood around where the knife had slit his hand.

"Kyo, you have such power, but you have such evil in you that even you cannot control it."

"You can keep thinking that, but do not ever think that I will lose control."

"I do not think that you will, I think you have." The man spoke as he took a step closer to Kyo.

"How dare you speak to me like that!" Kyo spoke in outrage as he turned around, lashing at a man in a blood red cloak, "I…I am sorry my lord…I did not know it was you…." Kyo had stopped the knife with in centimeters of the man's cloaked face. He took the knife away, and went down on one knee to show his respect to the man.

"You should be sorry, Kyo. You should also be glad I am not stripping you of your clan title!" The man in the red cloak spoke outraged, "Kyo, you are the best they come, and the only reason you have not become a Demon Lord is because you do not have enough control. You must rest your mind, no more games.

"Yes my lord." Kyo spoke still with his head down

"Now, I want you to go."


"Yes, you must go to the village, but I want you to control yourself. If you do this correctly then we may learn more about the humans, their weaknesses." The Demon Lord instructed him.

"Why their weaknesses?"

"Because, Kyo…." The Demon Lord said with a smirk, "By knowing their weaknesses, we can strike first."

Kyo looked up with a smile, his fiery red eyes looking up at the Demon Lord, "Yes my lord!"

"Don't forget, Kyo." If you do this right, then you will become a Demon Lord, and you could even lead the demon clans to victory!"