Chapter Three


Kyo and Lyla approached the old un-textured door of the building. As they got closer a darkening feeling came over Kyo, he found he could not move. His limbs had gone stiff, some even numb with a searing pain like that of a knife piercing through his flesh.

Lyla turned to him and spoke in her soft melodic voice, "Are you alright? Kyo?"

"We should not be here." Kyo spoke as his voice trembled with fear.

"Sure we should be, common now." Lyla placed her hand on the door and began to push, and as she did, through the large un-textured doors of the building came, piercing through the silence of the night, blood curt ling screams of the people that resided inside. The doors flew wide open, knocking her back, and off of the stairs. Kyo could do nothing, for the pain was too great for him, he could barely stand.

In the doorway a blood stained black cloak, sat suspended and lifeless. Kyo stared at it for a moment, but only for a moment, for he then felt his limbs give into the searing pain; and he began to collapse before the lifeless cloak. As he collapsed the feeling of darkness became much stronger, his gentle blue eyes turned to their satanic fiery red.

"Already bowing down to me? I would have expected it to take some work before we got this far." A deep voice spoke from inside the hood of the suspended cloak, "I suppose then, you can help me, for when I am done here, all demons will be bowing down to me, and the humans, will be gone."

Kyo shook off the searing pain, and stood with rage as spoke into the darkness, "Who are you?"

"I am your new lord." The voice this time came from a bone chilling wind that blew from behind him

"Never will I bow down to you! No demon will ever bow down to you!" Kyo withdrew his knife from his cloak, and lashed out at the suspended cloak. The knife sliced the cloak open straight across the chest, only to reveal the blood red coloring of the inside.

"My boy, you have already bowed down, along with many others." The air spoke to him in the same deep voice, "See for yourself."

Kyo turned around to see Lyla being held around the waist by a yellow-cloaked man, his hood was down, but his face was covered by the shadows. Lyla did not seem to be struggling; she did not even seem to be alive. "What have you done to her!" Kyo held his knife out, in a very defensive stance, as though he were to be next, "She has nothing to do with this!"

The air once again spoke to him, "But my boy, she is your weakness, and since you are only human, we know the human weakness."

"What?" Kyo remarked, "I am a Demon, of the Kaisui Clan."

"You may have the soul of a demon, you may have the will of a demon, but you my boy, are not a demon, you are a human." As the air spoke to him omni presently, Kyo fell to his knees, and he could only watch as the yellow-cloaked man walked past him, with Lyla, a human, thrown over his shoulder, lifeless. "Now my boy, go off and die somewhere, your need is no longer necessary." The voice faded off into the night, and Kyo could only find himself enough strength to water the green grass with his tears of sorrow and pain

As the full moon began to set behind the death-ridden forest, Kyo rose up and wiped the residing tears from his face. He serenely walked up the stairs and to the open doors of the large white building. As he reached the top of the stairs, images of Lyla being knocked back flashed through his mind. The searing pain returned to him, but he continued to climb the stairs, until he reached the top, where he found the sliced open cloak of the one who had taken her. He reached down, pain still rushing through his boiling blood, and picked up the limp lifeless cloak. He looked at the blood red coloring of the underside, Interesting. He thought to himself as he looked back at the blood that stained the black coloring of the opposite side. This almost looks likeā€¦that can't be. The soft caressing breeze of a persuasive demon interrupted Kyo's thoughts.

He turned around to see a man standing in hooded goldenrod cloak. A scratchy voice spoke from inside, "Kyo, there is still hope." Kyo replied with only a puzzled look, his fiery red eyes were fixated on the man who resided within the hood. "Even though you are not a demon, you still remain with the skill."

"What are you talking about?" Kyo reached for his knife, but it seemed to be missing from his attire.

"You have the skills of a demon, but they are no good without a weapon, for as you already know, the demon armies are powerful, and have weapons far beyond that of the humans." The hood continued to speak, "With this demon blade, you shall defeat them." Out of the goldenrod cloak shot a small knife, which was sheathed in a blood red scabbard. The knife stopped before Kyo, as if bowing down. "Go ahead, take it." Kyo reached out and grasped the hilt of the knife; the pain in his blood disappeared, and was replaced with a fiery passion to be victorious. "Do you feel it, Kyo? Do you feel the power of the demon gods?"

Kyo replied with no words, he only nodded with awe, and as he did the cloaked man, evapored into the air. "Remember Kyo, hold passion in your heart, there is still hope." Kyo watched as the last bits of the goldenrod cloak flew off into the air.