I always thought that men liked to wrap women

around their egos

to have them on their arms

well if you like me as an accessory

why haven't you worn me yet

You don't know how much my body aches for you

it must be lust

hot-eyed passion

boiling underneath

desire meets consequence

when lips meet neck

and neck falls on pillow

when hands caress

and eyes see heaven

I curse the phantom pangs that torture me

because I can't forget the first time you stroked my face

and you kissed the tips of my fingers



and delicately danced your hands on my hips

rose and dipped my waist in you

I found my love

which I lost so long ago

rekindled in your arms

when I dreamed on your shoulder


of when I cried on your shoulder

when my lipstick stained your collar

I hoped your wife wouldn't get jealous

as you slipped the ring on my heart

and I wore you like a mink stole

like I stole your heart