Who's the one

Staring back at me?

I thought I knew her,

I thought we were friends.

I always cared for her,

But then I started to ask her

For things she could not do.

I put so much pressure on her

She could not deal with it.

Because of the things I said

She broke away from the world.

She tried to find her way

But like before,

She couldn't do things right.

I'm sorry I made you change

For the worse.

I'm sorry for not accepting you

For the person you were.

I thought I knew better

Than you ever did.

I thought I could easily

Take back the things I said.

I guess it's easier said than done

Now I've made a mess of your life.

I should have been happy

With who you were,

Who your friends were,

But I wanted you to change

I wanted to help

But I guess I didn't do

A very good job.

I'm sorry I filled you with doubt

I'm sorry I made you think

You weren't good enough.

I'm sorry to who I used to be.

I look in the mirror and smile

The smile is returned back,

I guess I can forgive me

For the girl I used to be.