If You Give a Freshman a Frappuccino...

If you give a freshman a Frappuccino, then they will drink it.

If they drink it, then they will get hyper.

If they get hyper, then they will decide to ride the elevator.

If they ride the elevator, then they will jump up and down.

If they jump up and down, then an old lady will get mad.

If an old lady gets mad, then she will push all the buttons.

If she pushes all the buttons, then the elevator will break down.

If the elevator breaks down, then she will have a heart attack.

If she has a heart attack, she will die.

If she dies, then the freshman will be traumatized.

If the freshman is traumatized, then they will drink more Frappuccinos.

A/N- This was co-written by Moriah Grooms, it was part of our Geometry classwork today. How does this related to Geometry, you ask? Well, the if-then statements, of course! It shows that we understand the cause-and-effect chain of events and such with if and then. It's a semi-take off of "If you give a mouse a cookie..." and "If you give a pig a pancake..." So yeah, hence why every sentence is in "If-Then" format. RR, and I know it's short...it's supposed to be.