She sat alone in the darkened room. The only minute sources of light were from the red power light on the television and the thin beam of light coming from the crack in the door she was leaning against. Her eyesight was flickering in the darkness. Like she was looking through a screen. It didn't seem real. The hum of the electrical equipment in the room. She could hear the loud buzzing of current, though none were switched on. Except the television on standby as indicated by the orange red light.

The room moved around her as she lowered her head to her knees. She rubbed her eyes to get rid of the shapes and colours that danced in front of them.

Her head snapped up to the mirror. It lay cracked and pitiful on its side dead forward from where she was kneeling. Her pale face was staring back at her. Void of make-up. She hardly recognised herself. She was unwashed, running her fingers through her hair reminded her of this fact. Did she really look that horrific? She dragged her neglected body over to the mirror. That mirror which had always caused her misery. Her head pounded as a ringing joined the hum of electricity in her ears.

Sharp. The glass and the pain as her fist destroyed what was left of the mirror. The blood dripped down her knuckles. Wondered why she could see clearer in the darkness. She held her bloodied fist away from her body, as if it was just like an evil she would not be associated with. Determined not to get the sin of her anger on her pure white dress.

With her other hand she smothered the sounds of distress that escaped from her mouth. Refused to show the weakness that was her pain.

Silent tears escaped. Whether from the pain or general discontent at her present situation it cannot be shown.

Using the wall as her support, she stood up on shaky and uncertain legs. The whitewashed wall now smeared with her blood. Though, that she felt no regret for. She staggered back to the door. Breathing heavily and leaning her forehead against the door. With her good hand she groped around her neck for a chain. After minutes of fumbling, she found what she wanted. She clasped the key on the chain that hung from the rusted chain. Claiming a lot of her energy, she ripped the key and chain from around her neck. She dropped it. With an anguished cry she slumped to the floor after it. Fumbling for a second, she found it again in the dark. A sad smile spread across her face as she forgot all about her quest to keep her dress clean. Both hands round the key, which she clutched close to her chest. She sighed before setting about the arduous task of getting to her feet again.

A sharp pain in her head and a thousand voices that roared through her subconscious like an army making it's last stand. She screamed with frustration. Writhing against the wall. The scream was haunting. More animal than human. It bleed through the walls. Through the world. Reverberating back against the whispers that racked her body. All the hate, the malice, the utter will to destroy inside her body was released in that scream. That cry. Released like wild fire. It left her body shaking and weak. It was unleashed.

She looked down to the key she still held in her hand. She struggled to put it in the keyhole. Her trembling body made it extremely difficult to do. She let out a growl. Blaming the convulsing of her body on the cold of the room.

Finally the key was in place. With effort she turned it. The world spun around her. Knees weak and eyes focusing on everything but reality. The key clicked into place. The door was unlocked. The door was open. She was free.

With the last of her energy she pushed the door open. Her heart was beating like a drum as she tumbled forward. Her body submitted to the utter exhaustion as she collapsed into the world that awaited her. With welcome arms or bared teeth, she would not know until she awoke.