A/N: Hey people, this is supposed to be a bit of a laugh for the people who-like me- are single. And I will be single come Valentines Day Unless someone leaves a reeaaallly good review /hint hint/ in which case, maybe we can work something out. /smirk/ Anyway, R&R me, I'll R&R you.

Single On Valentines Day

Hallmark is corrupting

The halls of (your school here) High

Telling us to eat chocolate

And for those we love, spend and buy

Well, I'm not going to play those games

If I love you, I'll let you know

I'm single on Valentines Day

And my luck, it'll show

I'm not going to be depressed

Or wallow in my sorrow

Instead I'll be depressed for you

You've got so much to worry about

What if he dosen't like the shirt?

He'll probably tell you it's ugly

And that has nothing to do with the fact

That I would've gotten him a three-ring circus

With some balloons and a pony

I'm not trying to sound jealous

I'm just trying to make you see

That I don't care that I'm single

It's not my fault that your guy

Could never be good enough for me

So I think I'll buy some chocolate

None for you, but lots for me

Since I don't have anyone to impress

I can have the extra calories

I'll have the money, too

No reason to buy anything for you

No stuffed animals, no teddy bears, no cards

You know, stuff that you'll regret...When you two break up

I'm really saving myself

And the thousands of guys out there

From years of teddy bears and heartbreak

While we find ourselves here in the middle of nowhere

I mean, really, more power to all of you

Who have so much time on your hands

You can spend it all on the same person

And not anyone else in this land

Yes, I'm single on Valentine's day

And I'm not feeling one speck of sadness

I'm really really relieved

Relieved of the heartbreak and engagement madness

I'm single on Valentine's Day

So I'll walk away

Cuz I've got chocolates to eat, roses I bought for myself,

Cuz I know I'm cool and I don't need a man to tell me so.

.... Unlike some of us.