"The Heavens above are bleeding

While I stare aimlessly at the ceiling

And my blistered skin is peeling

Reds and pinks and whites that are bubbled and seething

I chew on my words as if I were teething

And shout to the sky "I'd rather stop breathing!"

And the rain crashes down as I continue screaming

Hopelessly to no one "I'm still a human being!"

So I sit as a delinquent that's been caught cheating,

A heroin-whore searching for meaning,

Strangle this blackened heart; this soul that keeps beating

Crush this life and this pain I've been keeping

Fight away the cut-up demons that I've been feeding

While the Prophet's words I should be heeding:

"From your body your blood is leaking."---

---once again the Fates are peeking

And beyond my world is the true love I'm seeking

But in reality I'm just truly tweaking

Scrambling and twitching and teaching

Our lovely children how to die."